This will help your stomach, joints, liver, and Mother Earth too!


Below is a short video on……THE BENEFITS OF DANDELIONS!!  

Watch and learn – how GOOD FOR YOU,

this natural growing herb is,


and how you can help save Mother Earth,

and the bees,

at the same time……

After you watch the video,

scroll down, 

because there’s more to know about this “golden herb”,


– promotes a healthy digestive system, and liver.

– helps to move blood and lymph, helps to eliminate congestion and fluid swelling.

– increases circulation, reduces acid stomach, and reduces joint stiffness.

– use the leaves in a salad, infuse in water for a tea, and don’t be shy,

pick dandelion daily, for 4-6 weeks, and notice the  “extra positive benefits”.

– use the FLOWERS TOO,

– steep a handful of fresh blossoms in a teacup of boiling water,

add honey and drink to relieve and heal yourself of headaches,

menstrual cramps, backaches, stomach aches, and even feeling sad!

No need to use sprays to kill this wonderful Golden Food,

Save the Bees, they like to eat dandelions too,

Let’s Stop spraying chemicals,

and polluting the soil of Mother Earth,

since  this is where the nutrients come from,


nourish your self,

feed the bees,

and allow Mother Nature to provide us with natural health and longevity.

Do you have a dandelion recipe?

Share below, we want to know.

Your Natural Health Coach,


ps…Please, share below….does your grandma have a dandelion wine recipe????

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