Shoulder Pain Relief

This blog post is to give you a real live experience,

of how using natural ways can allow the body to heal itself,

when given the opportunity.

Last May I injured my shoulder and was in extreme pain.

The Doctor visit and Physiotherapist visit suggested that I had

a rotator cuff injury, possibly a tear,

and it may require surgery because there also seemed to be damage to the cartilage.

(I can’t quite remember the exact name they used right now.) 

Also my shoulder was “sublaxating”, which means a mild form of dislocation,

and the pain of this was horrible.

It took me a week to figure out what was going on,

and once I knew, I figured out how to “not” have it in sublaxation.

Here in Canada we have to wait for our ultra sound tests,

anywhere from 2-4 months.

which seemed unbelievable at the time,

but inside I knew,

this would give me “time to support my body so it could heal itself”.

I say this to many clients who can’t get answers or get in for tests and such,

and so now,

it was time for me to listen to my own inner knowing.

I got to work,

 applied the natural and spiritual health knowledge,

and can happily report, I am on the mend.

This is huge,

no surgeries, no medications or cortisol shots,

and no hospitlization…yeah.

I simply took it one step at a time.

You cannot look too far in advance when you have alot of pain,

it’s a matter of trusting the process,

and being guided to each step along the way.

The positive side of this injury,

is I took this as an opportunity to cleanse my body of toxins,

better than ever.

Here is a list of practitioner’s, and health cleansing and building techniques

I used to repair my shoulder injury, and my body, mind and Spirit,  as a whole.

– massage therapy – with a women who has “healing hands”..she was amazing,

and she also encouraged me “that I would heal”. 

In the beginning of my injury,  these were words of comfort and hope.

– acupuncture for the pain, and the acupuncturist just happened to be a physiotherapist

as well, again a women by chance, and she also was very, very awesome, and she

was also amazed at the speed of my recovery.

– water physio, this helped to give me more mobility, very helpful also.

All the while I put myself on a wide array of nutritional supplements:

– serrapeptase for inflammation,

– Recovery,  White Oak Plus, for inflammation and repairing bone, muscle and cartilage.

Neurogenesis NeuBeCalmed & NeuReleive to assist in pain management.

Remember, at the beginning, I couldn’t even sleep through the night,

it took a few months to rebuild and reduce inflammation enough so I could sleep and be pain-free.


 including dishes, vacuuming,

cooking, and cleaning bathrooms. 

 I learned quickly to listen to my body,

and STOP doing these things so it could repair and heal. 

This is one of the hardest tasks at first,

(but after awhile…once the family stepped in and  took over my jobs..

(along with a housecleaner now and then, it was kind of nice…LOL).

I then went the extra mile and also took the time and money to cleanse my body.

– Colonics – hydrotherapy colon cleansing.

– 7 day liver/gallbladder cleanse which removes gallstones from the gallbladder and liver.

– 7 Day Raw Food Challenge,

– Cranial Sacral therapy, reflexology, and bodytalk were other treatments I had.

– Foot bath and foot patch detoxes too.

You see, there is a combination of cleansing the body,

and increasing the nutrient value, which together,

allow your body to repair itself.

By the time I went for the ultrasound,

they couldn’t see anything, no tears, no damage.

My physiotherapist/acupuncturist looked at the results and said

my shoulder muscles and cartilage were really healthy.

The Dr. said she was surprised there were no tears,

and to come back if I had more trouble.

I can tell you that to-day I am so happy and grateful to be continueing the

healing process,

instead of dealing with a surgery and trying to recover from that.

Sometimes surgeries are necessary,

and sometimes, the extra time when used well,

can allow your body to “heal itself”.

My shoulder is not perfect yet,

but I can reach my head again,

and I can cook, do dishes and walk with my arms swinging loosely by my side.

So there you have it,

my journey with shoulder pain and how I recovered,

has been revealed.

I hope this gives you trust and hope and confidance to realize,

the body will heal itself, when given the chance.

I also realize that doing all of the above can look overwhelming,

that is why it’s important to take it one step at time,

and your healing journey could unfold quite differantly.

So stay inspired, postiive, and open to guidance,

both inner and outer, and watch as your path unfolds before you.

Until next week,

keep your health on the top of the priority list,

and watch your health improve, naturally,

one step at a time.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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  1. says

    Congratulations on the healing of your shoulder! A marvelous array of modalities is listed here. I also see a lot of self-love–and the setting of a great example for so many people in dealing with life’s health challenges. Blessings be, RRR

  2. says

    Hi Annette,

    An incredible story !! All that you went thru with a what is a very painful injury . You are amazing. After reading this, I sent you an email about my current leg edema problem.
    I really don’t want to submit to a lifetime of wearing compression stockings, but my doctors and nurses are saying that compression hose is all medical science can offer.
    I refuse to accept that. Just like you refused surgery. But I need some expertise in what I can personally do and I am hoping you and Malcolm have something for me to consider. It’s just Edema. There must be a way.??

    I am beginning to wonder about you……some supernatural powers……mind over matter?? I am excited about what you have accomplished for yourself in getting thru what I know is an incredibly painful experience Everything is energy and I just KNOW in my heart that there’s a way to use the powers of the universe for health and injury actions.

    Talk soon. Great blog! Yea Canuck Annette!!

    Your fellow Canuck,


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