Shoulder pain and injury alert.

It appears that shoulder pain and injuries are on the rise, 

 particularly for women over the age of 40.

This is a new area of discovery for me,

as I have recently injured my shoulder, and not thinking there was  much to worry about.

When I mentioned my injured shoulder to other women friends of mine,

I began to hear a common reply…

“get it checked by your Dr., and don’t wait, because it can get worse”.

Okay, so I did that, a few months ago…

and she said to do this one exercise, as I guess at that time, my injury wasn’t too bad?

I also went to the chiropractor (NUCCA) method, and that helped alot,

it was possible to dance, and curl my hair, not too much discomfort.

Then last week I bumped my head on a newly placed “hanging flower basket”,

so my “reaction was to protect my head”,

and my arm reached quickly overhead…

and KA-BAM…intense pain followed.

Back to the Dr.,

who this time thought it may be a problem with the “rotator cuff”,

so, off to  the Physiotherapist to-day,

who was even less optimistic, after assessing me.

Appararently it appears that I have possibly damaged the cartilage that attaches to the

bone, called “labrum”,  

and it is difficult to heal, and may very possibly require surgery,

although all the information (x-rays), are not in yet.

I have a feeling my herbs aren’t going to quite pull me out of this shoulder injury on their own.

So….how did this happen, and what’s the message in it?

1. I have not been as active in the past 12 months….due to the fact that I have

been learning all of this “on-line” technology,

and totally forgot that I have been “sitting” 6 hours a day,

compared to when I “ran around working” 8 hours a day.  (OOPS).

2.  Then, when I moved back to the country, had my horse close by, and started

to “carry 10 lb. pails of feed” every day,

I didn’t think about “building up” my strength first,

and then working “upto”  the 10 lbs. in each arm bit by bit!

 I just thought, oh good this should get me in shape…Ha!

  There was also other insults to the shoulder, like a fall on that arm,

and trying to “train my dog to heal”,… improperly, I might add.   

3.  Ignoring the small injury, thinking it would heal….. until it turned into a bigger injury.

So the moral of the story is,

if you are  a women over the age of 40,

it is time to strengthen your shoulder muscles with the proper exercises at home,

and keep them toned and strong. (see a fitness instructor or videos on line).

If you have gone from a physical job,

farming or carrying children around, 

and you change your daily work habits to a desk job of some kind,

you cannot just “pick up” where you left off.

(my girlfriend this past week had a similar experience,

she gardened and pulled all the muscles in her back,

she too went from a hard working physical job into a desk job,

and “didnt think twice about working in the garden…until the next morning when she felt the pain.).. OOPS again.

Our age and the depletion of the nutrients in our food supply also contribute to the cause of

these injuries. 

We are not getting proper minerals and nutrients from the commercial food supply,

and it is taking a toll on our health in many ways, from children to …women ove r 40.

Oh by the way,

to help with inflammation,

 I am taking lots of plant enzymes,

and externally, I am using an essential oil blend I make which also helps.

Let’s hope this serves as a reminder to us all,

and brings in the awareness that…as my girlfriend says….

our 30 year old mind,

 does not  think about our 50 year old bodies!

Now we will,

be pro-active, exercise and strengthen our bodies,

and reduce these type of injuries.

Have you experienced any of these injuries?

Or has someone you know?

How did your situation turn out…..

I’m looking for clues …..

as my journey in this area….

has just begun.

Please comment below,

I’d like to know.

Your Natural Health Coach,



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    I could really relate to this post. I recently experienced a shoulder injury. I began working with kettlebells to strengthen myself.

    Thanks for posting such a relevant topic. Funny how when a particular subject is discussed it provides true illumination.

    I appreciate it and you!

    Jacqui Dobens

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    Your post identifies a KEY issue for us to consider when undertaking any increase in physical activity: 1) Warm-up stretching; & 2) Slowly increasing physical demand.

    For my clients who are challenged by long-term illness, we often talk about only expecting to begin a new activity for only 1 to 3 minutes, then slowly build-up time and intensity over days to weeks.

    It may not be the “quick” way to proceed, but it is the safe and healthy way to honor Self after years of decreased activity!

    Thank you for your post, especially for those of us (men usually) who are working with our 18 year old minds in our 50+ year old bodies :>)


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    I’ve had a similar experience but kind of the opposite. In the past years I was very active, I was busy running my kids around, always was moving my body. Running every morning before taking them to school, stretching, going to a chiropractor 3x a week, getting a professional deep muscle message once a week Getting proper minerals and nutrition. Eating healthy.
    This was a routine I got into before running my last marathon.
    This went on consistently for a long time. Long story short. In the past several years I have not been so active. Kids grown up now, I haven’t been active due to the fact that I have been learning on-line technology, marketing skills etc.. So I’ve been sitting more, experiencing stiffness in my body which I’m pretty certain this contributes to things shutting down in my body and my brain from functioning better.

    Good message….in serving us as a reminder and brings in the awareness that …our 30 year old mind, does not think about our 50 year old bodies!

    Be pro-active, exercise, stretch, breathe and strengthen our bodies, to keep us from injuries.

    Catherine Trammell

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    Hey Coach Annette,
    Wait a minute! If I may generalize from your interesting article comments aimed primarily at women of 40 plus years,I think it’s reasonable to assume that there is relevance here to men as well. I think what you have written is a classy and helpful reminder that I(we)am(are)NOT “bullet proof”, that I am getting older and am now on the downhill slope (which I intend to extend) I am definitely 25-30 years of age in my mind, but my senior’s body (experienced and mature) seems to regularly feel the need to remind me of my true age and the cautions I need to take.

    You didn’t discourage me from being an active senior (nor did you intend to so do), but you did remind me of the need to be realistic and alert about and pain and possible injury
    and I appreciate that.

    Well done, Coach. I’ll be checking you out more often now for other important tips to a good physical life.

    Jerry Jellison

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