Quote and Health Tip of the Day….

I received this quote to-day, and wanted to share it with you.

Here it is:

“It is not easy to go against the strong current of an unhealthy society, but it is a necessity”  Author Unknown.

Our standards of living and growing food has shifted.

Most of our family traditions of raising and growing our own food has been left behind with city life,

and BIG grocery stores.

Commercially grown foods travelling long distances to land on your table, are depleted of vital nutrients,

and less nutrients means less health.

The good news is,

the more you simply ADD
“whole, home grown and/or organically soil grown” food to your daily routine,

the healthier you will be.

Natural Health Tip of the day…

WE dont’ have to change Everything….

We only need to change something…one thing.

1%- per day –
one extra salad,
one organic apple,
a handful of
raw organic almonds,
a homemade borscht soup with beautiful red beets that will build your blood, clean your liver, and warm your insides…..

1% per day – will accumulate over time…

1%-per day….will equal Results you never thought of.

1% per day….will add up to over 100%,

What is your 1% To-Day….

Drop the Perfectionism……

Start Something…..One Thing,

that will build YOU a life, of health, passion and purpose.

Wishing you a Grateful Week-end,

Inspiring Vibrant Health…One Step at a Time!

Your Natural Health and Spiritualpreneur Coach,


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