Is there a healthy sugar?

The topic of “sugar” came up this week,

and since I had a request to write about it,

here it is.

When I trained with Dr. Bernard Jensen, he had a list
of the 5 worst things for your health,

and yes,

one of them was SUGAR!

Now this can be a very broad subject,
so for the purpose of “general knowledge and understanding”,

I will speak on  a few better choices of “sugar” for to-day.

First of all, sugar is another addiction,
that’s why it’s so hard for us to give it up entirely.

Let’s begin:

To be perfect, you would only receive “sugar” from whole
fruits and vegetables in their pure, whole and natural state.

This is following the simple “Laws of Nature”!

Okay, as a society, we LOVE SUGAR,


it’s not so easy for us to eat only fruit.

There has been alot of discussion in the raw food community
over “Agave”, which is a low glycemic sweetener,
and is used in raw food recipes. 

Recently it seems the new “health news” on this sugar
replacement states that it is also “processed,”
and not as healthy for us as we had hoped.

It’s tough when you’re addicted to sugar and keep looking for a healthier replacement, isn’t it? 

We are so funny, aren’t we?

The first step for replacing white sugar is usually followed
by buying “cane sugar”.  This cane sugar is less processed,
and includes more minerals than it’s “whitened” cousin.

Turbinado sugar is also cane sugar, but it is quite dark brown,
has a stronger flavor, and is another step towards “less processed”.

Quite often we use these sugars to transition from “white sugar” to “cane sugar”.  These sugars have high carbs and do not qualify for diabetics to use.

For Diabetics and everyone, there is a sugar called “XYLITOL”.

It has  a low “glycemic” index value,
and therefore does not spike the blood sugars like regular sugar.

Xylitol is also known to be good for your teeth,
so that’s an additional health bonus.

The down side is it is more expensive than white processed sugar. 

Xylitol can be made from corn or birch trees.

I recommend the “birch trees”, specifically because
“corn” is known to be “genetically modified”,
and therefore I do not want anything GMO, in my body.

Xylitol tastes almost exactly like sugar,
you can bake with it,
put it in tea,
and use it the same as sugar.(except for makin hard candies).

It does not have any after taste, and is super easy to use.

This is definately my 1st Pick for a sugar sweetener.

Another sweetener I use is the dark grade of
Maple Syrup.

Maple Syrup is not helpful for diabetics,
but it does have minerals left in place, and the body
can process it easier than  “corn syrup” or other liquid sugars.

As a refresher, anything made from corn “may be from”
Genetically Modified Corn,
and this can greatly reduce your health,
so try to find another choice.

Stevia is a plant sweetener that is also very, very good.

It is also a low glycemic index,
although the down side of this sweetener is it doesn’t really taste like sugar,
and many don’t like the mild after taste.

In conclusion,

it all depends on where you are in your journey.

Reducing the amount of processed sugar will definately
help your immune system,
and choosing,
“better sugar’s when possible” can also reduce the
effects of too much sugar in your system,
and the array of health challenges this creates.

Oh-one more thing,

Avoid all artificial sweetener’s like aspartame, and splenda.

Choose natural whenever possible,
nature knows best, and the body can “relate” to a natural food,
easier than an “artificial-fake” food.

I’d love to hear your comments, what sugars have you tried, and which ones do you like?

Post it below, I’d love to know…


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