Happy New Year Presents for you.

A few more days and we will be celebrating
the New Year…Wo0-Hoo.

Hopefully now that the major rush is over,
you have a little bit of time to breathe,
relax and rest before revving up for another year
of living life ALIVE.

We are certainly living in exciting times,
with both sides of life showing up.
We are being asked to dig deep,
have faith and trust in the power of the LIght,
both within us and without,
and to Awaken the Superhero within us all.

I want to share with you a few resources I have
come across that may help support your journey,
and these do not cost you anything.

First of all….here is a copy of your
Empowering Wellness Magazine,
it is the Christmas issue, but don’t worry,
all of the specials and deals are still available for you,
so I hope you have time to sit down with a cup of tea,
or your choice of drink,
and read what 4 health coaches chose to share from their
lives, to help support YOU!

Here is the link and it will take about 30 seconds to load
this e-Magazine, so be patient and BREATHE!


I just got hooked up with a really cool program at no charge and I wanted to pay it forward by sending it to

It looks really great and the more positive we can
remain during these times of shifting and changing,
the better co-creator’s we can become.

If you’ve heard of Bob Proctor,
or even if you haven’t,
now is the time to receive some inspiration and
support, at no charge. !

Here is the link for this:


And last but not least,
This is a very SPECIAL INVITATION for you
to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and BE a part of the positive
influence for the coming year.

Here is the letter I received to join in on JAN. 1ST-2011,
and I now pay it forward to you,
and invite YOU to join in the greatest SHFT,
for the good of all.
“An Action of Great Love”

There has never been a human like you, not once and not ever on Planet Earth. You were born in an unprecedented manner to accommodate unprecedented times.

Your time has come to be fully activated, to fully open yourself to the pinnacle experience of being a Divine Human. Doing so, you will change the predominant nature of human beings, forevermore.

On January 1, 2011, through a two-hour series consisting of a meditation, activations, transmissions, clearings, and a sound healing, you will be made ready for an evolution of epic proportions.

Your “Yes,” and your presence will be one of the greatest actions of love you can take on behalf of yourself, and all of humanity.

The living fields of energies imparted on that day, will weave in and through you, shifting and expanding you exponentially. And then, by the Law of Nature, that living field of energy will amplify and make its way inside of every other human being, and into the crystalline grid of Mother Earth.

As a result, each will be made ready to fully accept the lightening power of the descent of Pure Divine Love and Light inside the temple of their beings. Heaven will then have a pathway to come to Earth. This was always the Master Plan.

You are the great conduits by which this will occur on 1-01-11.

Please join us as an action of great love on behalf of yourself, our planet and all of humanity on the first day of the most auspicious year in human history. Maureen.

Click here to register and join the call at NO COST:



I hope you enjoy your New Year’s gifts,
and I look forward to joining you and supporting
each other in 2011 and beyond.

Wishing you Health, Happiness, Love and Peace.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


PS Thank-you for being here, and remember,
Education + Action = Transformation,
there are no coincidences, only synchronicities.
Take advantange of these complimentary gifts, delivered straight to you.
Take time for your growth and passion’s to thrive,
and let your Light shine bright for others to see.
AND Please…comment below, share your passions, dreams,
and New Year’s intentions….I”d love to hear them.

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