Do you ask for help from Your Inner Guidance Team?

About 4 weeks ago you may remember my blog post on “Shoulder Pain”.

I injured my shoulder (torn rotator cuffs & shoulder sublaxation),

 and wasn’t sure “how” to handle the situation.

The Dr.’s referred me to the physio,

 and the physio couldn’t work on me because the pain was too intense,

as well as,  my shoulder was “sublaxating”,

which basically is  a mild  form of “dis-location”,

OUCH, that does not feel very good.

Well to-day you will receive an up-date of my journey with this “shoulder pain”,

how I went about “finding solutions”,

in a natural kind of way,

and how you may want to keep this information,

 to help yourself, and others ,

Now remember, my options  from the medical side were:

– physio..

– cortisone shot (which I declined),

– ultra-sound (which could take 3-6 months to have),

– possible surgery.

I didn’t really like any of those options,

 so “what do we do” when presented with a painful experience,

 and want to move forward in our healing?

TRUST was my answer.

Instead of choosing FEAR AND WORRY,


 from what I call my” Inner Guidance Team.”

There are healing “Angels, Beings, Guides,”

or whatever you want to call them,

God, the Universe, Prayer,

 and they are there to assist us in our journey.

I asked to be “shown the way” , 

what to do next,

who to see next,

and how to assist my own healing,

and then I trusted what came, without feeling panic, or rushed.

The next step was to TAKE ACTION,

on that Guidance, and “do the work”.

Here is how my past 4 weeks have looked,

and don’t think I didn’t have to overcome some fears,

(like the needles from acupuncture, and doing a 6 day liver gallbladder cleanse).

Now that I am on the other side,

it feels empowering, and I feel grateful for knowing that healing is available,

we just need to “call upon our Inner Guidance Team” to help us out.

And, asking help from my family as well! 

I took time off…no cleaning, no cooking, no yard work…

sound like fun doesn’t it,

but actually,

 it was quite hard to “stop” doing.

If I was an employee who didn’t like my job,

this may have been a welcome “break”,

but I like my work, and certainly didn’t want to “stop” working,

and yet, I knew my body was saying “SLOW DOWN”.

So here is a list of practitioner’s,

 and healing activities that have helped me begin the healing process of my shoulder,

and not only that,

but my whole body has benefited.

It began with:

– seeing a specific massage therapist,

– then I began colonics and decided since I wasn’t able to “work much” ,

I might as well do the 7 day liver/gallbladder cleanse, and purge some liver and gallbladder stones.

That was certainly a worthwhile experience.

– next, I saw a new style of chiropractor

(who happened to come to town and call me for an appt.-perfect timing). 

This created an “opening” in my throat and heart chakra, very interesting experience.

– then I was guided to an acupunturist from another town 1.5 hours away.  

 Although the person I was referred to didn’t work there anymore, so I accepted the practitioner that was there now, and it turned out she was an acupuncturist AND a physiotherapist,

Awesome, 2 practitioner’s for the price of 1,


she was awesome.

– in my community we have a new indoor pool that just opened last week,

and my local physiotherapist called and suggested a new “physio in the water”

program that would be perfect for where I am at now in my rehab,

so I accepted.

I also engaged in some energy work (which was offered to me for free…amazingly),

and so the moral of the story is,

Asking for help from your Inner Guidance Team,



and Taking Action on what comes before you,

can bring substantial positive results and healing.

Oh yeah, I also took many herbs and nutritional products to help with

inflammation, and pain management.

My journey is still unfolding,

and I am happy with my progress.

Oh yeah, the hospital called and my ultrasound is booked for July 25th,

I only had to wait 2 months, instead of the 3-5 months.

Miracles do happen,

and I am grateful for learning to Trust more,

and worry less.

Do you ask for help from Your Inner Guidance Team?

Post it below, I’d like to know your experiences and successes.

Your Natural Health Coach,


PS  Remember, investing in your health is the best investment you can make.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the post. After my auto accident in 08″ i was confronted with some of the same issues that you were and i listened to some advice from the doctors as it related to surgery and rehabilitation and disregarded other advice because i was feeling like a guinea pig. Doctors run a business but when you go to the doctor you usually have to tell them what’s wrong with you because they wouldn’t get it right if they tried to guess. You have overcome by listening to you first, that’s great! The first law of nature is self preservation, and you have preserved yourself perfectly, great post.

  2. says

    Hi Annette,

    First, congrats on your new look blog. I like it….very warm and impressive.

    Well, Coach Annette……you have really been through some stuff , haven’t you?
    I am impressed with the very careful and thorough thought process you went through…..examining all the options, carefully evaluating what made sense for you and what didn’t …..listening, trusting and finally taking action . I was also intrigued by your Inner Guidance team thoughts. It made me wonder …….why have I hesitated to do that. for myself.? I concluded that I decided I wasn’t worthy or deserving . I think I need to do some further introspection in that area, since I have a few physical issues I am going through.

    Good blog Coach. You laid it all out and there was a moral to the story and that moral touched a nerve with me.

    Looking forward to more….including Iridology one of these times…….just to get me more informed.

    Jerry J ….the relationship guy

  3. says


    What a great experience. I believe it isn’t enough for a person to turn from evil or bad. A person must embrace fully what is good and beautiful, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. We are responsible for creating, establishing, and renewing not only our physical bodies but also good relationships and good environments. Thank you for sharing and being a great example of getting wise council and abiding by it.

    Catherine Trammell

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