Colds-Flus and Natural Health!

The last of the winter days are approaching,

although the cold weather and snow isn’t quite over for many.

If you are struggling with colds, flus or infections,

there is natural health tips to “take care of the small stuff”,

so it doesn’t turn into bigger problems, like pneumonia, or asthma.

Watch this video for 2 natural health tips to :

1.  help your body clean out those toxins,  and

2. warm up your body, from the ‘inside-out”.

To get started on clearing away your cold, while improving upon your health,

the name of the Product is AL-J Liquid Extract or Capsules, and the link is: 

and if you need to “warm-up”, remember to add some,

 Cayenne to your soups and your shoes!

Topping up your health,

so you can “keep up” with your family, work,


have enough energy left…to  HAVE FUN.!

How do you handle your colds and flus,

I’d love to hear from you.

Your Re-Energizing and Natural Health Coach,


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