Cleaning out the Crap.

Do you have on of those programs on your computer,

called CC…Crap Cleaner?

Every now and then you have to clean up your computer so it runs faster,

and more efficiently, and it’s not slow and “bogged down” with too much “stuff”,

also known as “crap”?

I was thinking about using this “term” while sharing with you one option I

used for “cleaning out the crap”,

from my body. (also known as Toxins in the world of natural health).

One of THE MOST IMPORTANT factors in getting rid of health problems like:

– low energy

– headaches

– high stress

– no motivation

 – anxiety, lack of sleep or general “moderate health” DEPENDS UPON cleaning out the crap.

As an Iridologist, I can say that clean bowels definately supports a clean bill of health.

There are many herbal cleanses available, fiber, and other ways to

help our bodies eliminate the toxins we are most certainly accumulating.

Another, less common and less known way is called “Colon Hydrotherapy-or Colonics”.

This is a method similar to the old fashioned “enemas”,

except it uses a high-tech machine that allows water to flow into the colon,

and then the ‘unwanted bacteria and colon toxins” to be released through a tube.

I know, you’re probably thinking…yuck…..


It’s just as “yucky” leaving this inside our bodies, where it literally creates havoc.

I personaly went for colonics a few years ago, with fantastic results.

Clear skin, thicker hair, and best of all, weight and inch loss on my thighs (unheard of!).

Other benefits included LOTS MORE ENERGY,

a positive ‘light” attitude,

and a desire for more healthier foods, and less cravings for carbs and sugar.

Recently I have been feeling a little more sluggish than usual,

and fortunately for me, we have a colon hydrotherapist that just opened up in town.

I took the leap yesterday to ‘try this new colonics lady”,

along with an infra-red sauna session,

and it was awesome. 

 It felt like a spa treatment,

and the benefits are like a long term investment to keep the quality of health I now enjoy.

If your health is really low, this is a quick way to let out the toxins,

and allow the nutrients of your foods to be absorbed at a higher level.

It does feel “a bit weird” going to do something like this for the first time.

It does take courage,

it does take time and ACTION,

and it absolutely does bring improved “quality of health and life”

I feel better already,

So the next time you’re cleaning the crap in your computer,


 your body could use it to.

Have you ever been for colonics?  or Have you “heard” of colonics?

I”d love to hear your thoughts on the subject…Post it below, and thanks for being here.


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