Are you thinking of starting a Fun Ladies Night Group?

Here is a picture of our ladies group Spa and Ah night a few weeks ago.

We had so much fun trying out differant hand cremes, oils, and face massages, as well as some yummy decadent food. 

Our Ladies Club of 13 years.







If you may now be thinking, hmmm, that might be fun once in awhile,

here’s a few tips on how we started our group,

and some of the “activities” we have embarked upon over

the past 13 years.

Hopefully this will inspire you to get out there

and “start schmoozing with the girls”.

To get started:

– ask 1 or 2 of your friends if they would like to meet once a month

and get together with other women for a social and fun night.

– then each of you invite 2-4 people to join, and whoever you ask

can invite someone, until you have enough people.

– we used our community as a boundary so we don’t have to drive far.

– we also each put in $20.00 each month,

and once a month one of the ladies wins the money back to buy something “for themselves”.  (this is optional)

– then each month one lady hosts the evening.

– and 2 people bring food, and 2 others bring the beverages.

This way we can take turns and it’s easy. 

(and we don’t always have such decadent desserts,

 see below for the picture)!

We have done many differant activities over the years,

and now we  often just get together to “visit”. 

Sometimes our lifestyles are busy,

and we don’t have the time to plan something,

and yet other months, we are “gung ho” and go all out.  So it’s all about being flexible.

So here are some ideas from our experiences:

– we went bike riding

– gold panning

– x-mas craft nights creating a table centerpiece

– bbq and boche

– pool party

– clay pottery night, made a vase from scratch.

– decorate a hat night

– build a scarecrow for the local fall fair (and we won 2nd I think), that was a blast.

– took a week-end trip to another province to visit one of the “ladies” that moved away on us.

– baby shower to welcome newcomer’s in the family.

– Christmas gift exchange and social with husbands/partners and children invited too.

– toboganning.

– curling

– ice skating outside on a lake (beautiful)

– Beauty products party.

– Bring your favorite song party..(and then we put them all onto a cd, so we have a really cool memory for life.)

So there are many things to do together,

and sometimes you may not really like crafts,  biking, or curling,

but we go anyway, and sure enough,

we end up having FUN!

So be adventurous, 

take the time to Shmooze with your girlfriends,

and enjoy being “A GAL PAL”.

Inspiring Vibrant Health,

Your Natural Health Coach,


PS  Here’s a picture of the decadant desert, fresh strawberries dipped

in chocolate, and mini tarts…..what a “treat”!

Fresh Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate-Decadant!







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  1. says

    Hey Annette,

    How can I, a mere male mortal, argue with the evidence your current blog presents?. You have photographic proof and textual “How to “tips to go about the business recommended by the Stanford University head of Psychiatry of Schmoozing with gal pals because it’s damn good for your health. And what’s really annoying to a guy is that the picture you included actually looks like everyone was really having a great time Schmoozing! Wonder what’s wrong with us males of the species????????

    Well done,Coach Annette. BTW……when do I get to learn more about Iridology from my expert friend?

    Cheers from….

    Jerry…the Relationship Guy.

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