Answers to Your Health Questions-From Your Home.

I have been hearing from many of you,

that you would like a system where you could
enter your health challenge symptoms,
and receive some suggestions on what health products would help you.

Some of you are busy, or live too far away for Iridology consultations,
so I have implemented another website page just for YOU!

Yes, it is at:

It is a Company which I have been a member of for over 10 years called
Natures Sunshine Products. 
They have formulated their products to match our “body systems’,
which also matches Iridology and Wholistic Health practices
 for improving the quality of our health. 

The benefits in the quality of these products,
along with the “synergy” of the herbal formula’s,
have been successful in delivering positive results and benefits for myself, and my clients.

Now you can simply go to:

and fill out the “Health Analyzer” questionaire for YOURSELF. 

You see, this is how “vibrant health” works.

All of our body systems work together synergistically.

 When a concern in one body system arises, other systems are affected.
 Total health requires that all body systems be balanced.

For example:
 If you have been sick, and taken antibiotics, then
the “good bacteria” in your colon will also have been destroyed
along with the “bad bacteria’. 
The health of our immune system “relies” on the health of the colon and the good bacteria.  This demonstrates how our body “systems” are all connected, and when one is affected, so are the others.
This Lifestyle Analysis will help you target which  body systems are requiring the most help, and what nutritional supplements will benefit you
the most according to your results.

I am personally amazed at the accuracy of this system.

If you are looking to improve the Quality of your Health,
try taking the Health Analyzer Questionaire,
and find out what your body is asking for, nutritionally.

What have you got to lose?  Give it a try.

Remember, you can always call me for additional help.

One more thing,

 With all of the new Health Canada, and U.S.A. & FDA regulations,
it is nice to know Natures Sunshine Products are following ALL
of the NEW REGULATIONS,  and all of their products do comply.

 Quality Assurance is guaranteed, oh, and so are their products.
NSP have been in this business for over 30 years, a Company you can trust. !

Also, Natures Sunshine is a Global Company, serving Canada, the U.S.A.,
 and many more countries, including Romania and Israel!! is a Canadian link.

Use the Health Analyzer, and if you want to order
please call me @ 250-866-5737 and we can set that up for you. 
Or email me:

Whatever your health needs are, I am here to help.

Enjoy the final days of winter.

Improving the Quality of Your Health, Naturally!

Your Natural Health and Spiritualpreneur Coach,

Phone: 1-250-866-5737

Have you had your complimentary 30 minute Health Consultation?

Simply fill out the questionaire at:
and I will call you to set up a time,
so you an move forward with your health goals, and TAKE ACTION!

Want to share your results on how the Health Analyzer Helped You?

Post it below, we’d love to hear from you.

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