Iridology Picture of the Eyes….See the differance?

Iridology is an amazing Science that uses the iris of the eye to show us what is happening within our bodies, and how we can support it by partnering with Mother Nature and nourishing ourselves to
wholeness and wellness.
This is the most recent picture of my eye, and my intention is to show you what my eye looked like
10 years ago, and how it looks differant.  This demonstrates how the eyes change, when our inner
environment changes, when the health of the tissues in our bodies change, it is reflected in the iris of the eye.
Just like the “eyes are the windows to the soul”, they are also the “windows to our physical health too”.
See the differance of these 2 eye photos, one taken in 1997, and another in 2010.
There is some differances because of the “camera” and lighting…and yet you can see the differance
even if you are not an Iridologist. 
I plan on giving more training on this in the near future,

 I have always been known as a “brown eyed girl”.  Having close up digital photos shows our true eye colors, and what that means to us and our state of health.

This has been posted as an example of Iridology, and as a tool to teach the value of Iridology,

and what the eyes have to say. 

for yourself, look into your eyes, and there within,

lie many answers you may be seeking…about YOUR HEALTH.

Vibrant Health is a journey, it is learned and earned.

It is to become responsible for our own health,

and releasing the idea of being the victim of poor health.

We always have a choice, and the body will heal itself,

when given the opportunity, which is nutrients to repair itself.

Education is vital in understanding your body’s needs,

and taking care of the foundation of physical health,

which then supports us in raising our vibration and consciousness,

and activates and allows our Spiritual Health to unfold more fully.

 We live in exciting times, with plenty of help right in front of us.

Here’s to “stepping up” to the plate,

and taking charge of our own healing journey.

YOur Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS, have you seen an Iridologist before? 

Do you think the Science of Iridology might have some merit? 

Are you interested in learning more about your health – through “your eyes”? 

Put your comments below…I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Therese says

    How can I get list of Jensen-approved, eye-photo-taking, Iridologists in NJ (preferrably South Jersey). I know a lot about it. I want before and after pictures too!

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