You Are Invited-To Be Healthy Again in 2010!

The New Year has arrived,

and I decided to create a video so I could personally INVITE YOU,

to join me on an Optimum Health Vision Quest.

This is short and sweet, so have a look:

Yes,  this is a Journey, and I have made the decision to “get on the bus”,

and say YES, to feeling another level Better and Healthier than I did yesterday.

This is the most supportive, simple and cost effective Optimum Health-Vision Quest

I have ever seen. 

And as a Health Coach and Iridology Practitioner,

I have seen alot of programs.

If you are;

–  tired of being tired,

– are sick and don’t have any answer’s to FEEL BETTER,

– you want to Lose Weight, or Gain Weight, (yes on this program, people worry about gaining weight),

– have less stress, less headaches,

– more energy, and better immunity,

OR you just want to stay ahead of the “aging process”,


Get on the bus with me, this is an opporunity for YOU,


I’m with you, you can do it,

There will be complimenatary weekly tele-classes,

weekly emails with healthy recipes,

and answer’s to your questions, plus much more.

Whole Food Raw Products that cover the Foundation of Why we feel less than we could,

Transform hemp & greens whole foods, enzymes, probiotics, hemp oil and much more.

WE CAN do it together.

Post a comment below, or email me at

or first, if you want, visit the CP website, and watch a short video, or check out the

educational information, and see what Conscious Planet is all about.

They are providing  complimentarly weekly tele-classes, to help guide and educate us,

to raise our health one more level, and I will be available as well.  

Visit Conscious Planet @ and look for their

Optimum Health Program.  Or ,

Post a comment below, or  email me to say “Yes-I Am Ready”, and let’s get started. 

I look forward to taking ACTION  together,

and RISING above mediocre health to VIBRANT HEALTH.

 Your Natural Health Coach,



  1. gloria says

    I read all the categories you listed and interested in most of them to learn…
    Thank you kindly and Merry Christmas…

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