Happy Mother’s Day to All Women.

I am sending you my grandest, heartfelt,

Happy Mother’s Day EVER.

To-day, as I was contemplating writing to you,

and wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day,

something came to me,

an awareness that wanted to be expressed.

As many mother’s are planning and/or waiting

to celebrate this special day WITH their families,

it came to mind that like Christmas,

some Mother’s may NOT have their children to celebrate with this week-end.

And with that possibility,

perhaps you would like to spend a few minutes in contemplating,

are there any mothers you know,

who may be alone on this mother’s day,

or who may have lost a child in this past year,

and who may be feeling other feelings than celebration,

that you could connect with?

How can we help?

A few mothers I know came to mind,

so I will be inviting them to come out with my family and I,

for our brunch,

so as to ensure they have a place to go and “be” with others.

One more group are the mothers who never gave birth to children,

but have still been mothers,

caring for others and giving of themselves.

I have an aunt who was a nun and missionary for years,

and it is my own mother who recognizes her sister,

and sends her a mother’s day card,

to acknowledge that quality within her.

We can also simply allow a moment of silence,

on Mother’s Day,

to send our love to ALL THE MOTHER’S IN THE WORLD,

including Mother Earth.

This in itself, will spread healing energy to all.

Within each Mother lives a BRAVEHEART,

and I honor you,

and the journey you have taken,

as a mother.

Enjoy your week-end,

and if you feel ready or called,

come join the Braveheart Women Community.


It’s free,

it’s fun,

it’s safe,

and it’s women inspiring, learning and growing together.

It’s a community of mother’s,

and I know it has been a great gift in my life,

and maybe it will be a gift …from you….to you.

Honoring all mothers in all places.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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