R&R Week-End – En-Joy.

This week brings an opportunity for R&R, Rest and Relax is the call of the week.

It may be helpful to Remember & allow yourSelf to slow down,

enJoy the spring beauty, and Smell the Roses as the saying goes.

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This week-end Re-connect with Mother Earth and the beauty and nurturing she provides you,

the plants, water, air you breathe and quite simply,

RECEIVE this into your body and BEingness.

Now is the time to Rest, Relax., and feel your Spirit Soar. :)

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and overworked, this window of opportunity has arrived

just in time for you to sit down, and simply BE, even if it’s one hour a day.

Notice the sky, the moon, the aroma’s of spring, pour yourself a glass of lemonade,

and enjoy yourSelf.

Allow it for the next 3-5 days, what nourishes your Spirit,

your Body, your Self, and and fill up on this yummy spring Energy, and notice how you FEEL more Energetic

after this little respite.

Until next time, Relax, Re-Connect, and En-Joy a few simple pleasures.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


PS Remember, the Universe does have your back, when you smell those spring blossoms

next time your outside, simply slow down for one minute, and receive that beauty into you,

that is all that is required, to begin the experience of nourishing yourSelf withIn.

PSS If you enjoyed this reminder, please share with your friends and spread the Joy of Spring Blossoming.

PSS Above Photo is of the Creston Valley and was taken by: Lee Johnson – Wynndel, B.C.

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