Dandelions-good for Bees and for You.

Spring has arrived, and the very first sign of this in Canada is…


Being an herbalist and lover of nature and it’s abundance,

I love to CELEBRATE the Dandelion.

Where I live in the Creston Valley the spring brings our valley to

a vibrant yellow color.  It’s amazing that we haven’t been able to kill off this

beautiful, wondrous, nourishing herb.

This little, (sort of poem-ha-ha), kind of sprung up from within me,

and I hope it reminds you of how magical, wonderful and

simply balanced nature is.

Dandelion Oh Dandelion -by Annette

“Dandelion oh Dandelion how beautiful you Be,

to nourish the Bees so they may pollinate the trees,

let us value the dandelion, for it’s nourishing properties,

the liver, the skin and the eyes will thy Thrive.

Dandelion oh Dandelion, how Beautiful You Be!”

So Simple and so Sacred to Life ItSelf.

En-Joy the spring, the smells, and the abundance of nature.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


PS Did you know that all of the dandelion is useful?

The spring leaves can be put in salads, the blossoms can be made into

a wine that assists digestion, and the roots can be dried and used for a coffee substitite,

or simply for their benefits. Dandelion is helpful for digestion , the liver, and as I said in the poem,

shiny eyes that glisten. It’s not only good for the bees, it’s good for YOU too..:).

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