Are Earth Quakes creating Soul Quakes?

  There is a saying that goes like this:

Trust in the Power that Created you!
 To-day’s topic is going to blend the Heaven and Earth, Spiritual and Physical elements, because the time is now for the Shifting into a new gear, a new reality.
In an earlier blog post, I discussed how Mother Earth was
actually ME.  (you, us). 

We are intricately connected,
and it would benefit all of us to keep this in the forefront of our minds.

  Planet Earth is a reflection of us, and we are a reflection of her. 

 If you didn’t have a chance to read that article, or you’ve forgotten, here is an excerpt:

“NOW is the time for us to really appreciate the
abundance that Mother Earth provides for us.
Without the air, water, food and all of her plants and animals,
we the human race could not survive.
For your health sake,
it is time to remember,
that everything you put into the water,
into the air,
and onto the earth,
 including pesticides, herbicides,
and artificial fertilizers,
you are putting INTO YOU.”

Exactly 2 months after I wrote the above article on Mother Nature
and you, Japan experienced the earthquake, tsunami,
and all the after effects of the disaster.

Please, before you feel despair, hopelessness or fear,
I encourage you to instead, look for hope, faith, and also

There has been many stories coming from Japan,
of how everyone is helping each other out,
giving water if they have water,
and sharing the resources they have.

There are 2 sides to every coin,
and we can choose to look at, or feel, one side or the other.

For example, we can choose:
Fear or Love,
Despair or Joy,
Hope or Hopelessness.
We are being called to remember who we really are.

Remember your passion for life,
remember your purpose in life,
remember to feel the good feelings like joy and happiness too.

When Mother Earth shakes and quakes,
is it a call for us to Remember our Soul,
our Light within us,
 and also the Divine Source of all good things?

We cannot ignore the calling anymore.

What if you could dig deep and be inspired?

What if you found a passion within you that you had completely forgotten?

What if you feel that inner YES,
 I CAN be the change in the world,
right now, starting to-day?

How does that feel?
You can make a difference, when you say YES,
 and follow your passion,
 open your heart, call on your Divine Guidance.

It is time to nurture, respect and honor Mother Earth and ALL of her inhabitants.

The plants, the original plants known as weeds,
are here to strengthen you,
right now in this time of the vibrational shift, here on earth.

We don’t need anymore chemicals,
we simply need to re-connect,
with Earth Energy,
with Divine Energy,
and with each other.

Are you upto the challenge?

Are YOU BEING shaken on the inside too?

If you are a mother, remember the process of pregnancy and birth?

At first it’s exciting and new,
and then as you grow so big you can’t tie your shoes,
you can’t sleep comfortably, and the whole process becomes UNCOMFORTABLE?

At this point, there is no turning back, right?
What did you call upon then, in those last moments of pregnancy, just before the new experience of “ giving birth” took place?

Did you Trust the Process?

It seems this may be a great example of what we are all being asked to do now.
 To Trust in the Process.
Yes we are uncomfortable seeing the world shift around us,
yes we may feel powerless,
but we are NOT powerless.

We are powerful co-creators,
 and just like delivering a baby,
we need to have faith, get prepared, stay positive,

Ask for help, and be open to receive.

After asking for help,
 remember to slow down long enough to “hear the answer”,
and then take action on that inner knowing.

Miracles are alive and well to-day.
What miracles are occurring in your life?

I invite you to pay attention and receive your gifts of passion,
 purpose and peace.

Spread your passion,
 your inspiration, and let’s enjoy the ride,
to a happier world for all of us to share respectfully.

Someone out there needs you,
your gift,
and your light to shine the way.

Happy Earth Day,
to Mother Earth,
to our plants,
our animals,
our bugs,
our water,
our air,
and to helping to restore her balance,
so together we can live harmoniously,
healthy and gratefully,
here on planet earth.

What gift are you giving to Mother Earth to-day?

Please post it below,
we all want to know, your thoughts and ideas.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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