Looking at the body through the eyes.


 Your Eyes * Your Answers * Your Health * Your Purpose


The Science and Art of Iridology is one of the quickest ways I know of to find your answer’s to your lifes questions.  The Science of Iridology is a specific “map” of the iris of your eyes, showing every organ, body system, and the health state of the tissues in these body systems.  This is known as Physical Iridology, and Dr. Bernard Jensen was the “Father of Iridology”, and below you will hear more about this Science and this amazing man.

An Iridology consultation is a pain free way of looking into the body and finding the answers in improving your health, naturally, and specifically for you.


An Iridology Consultation takes between 60-90 minutes depending on your needs and amount of information you are looking for.  We either use a penlight and magnifying glass to look at the iris of your eye, or a specialized camera to take a picture.  Once we look at the iris, we can ask you questions, and explain what we see, and together we create a program that will fit into your current lifestyle.

Iridology is a pro-active tool for improving or maintaining health, and the sooner you use it, the easier it is to gradually make small changes that result in huge rewards down the road.

We address your specific health challenges, and also the eyes can show the root cause of your health challenges.  With this information from the eyes, we use natural ways of nourishing the body, through natural ways,  which includes:

-  whole natural foods,

-  herbs,

-  specific exercises for your body type,

-  detox and cleanses specific for your body system and your constitution.

- re-building, re-energizing and restoring vibrant health, from the inside-out!

. It is important to know your body constitution, so that the health program and cleansing can be gauged by your body, and how quickly or slowly you will detox.   Some people have very strong constitutions, and if they cleanse too fast it can be  uncomfortable and they stop the process.

The eyes have so much information, and it takes time and commitment to make small changes that create a high impact on your health.  The body can repair quickly when the foundation and root cause are uncovered and replenished.  

The Iridology consultation is simply the first step, coaching and education along the way to understand how the body heals itself, is of paramount importance.

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There is also a method of reading the eyes that shows Behaviour and Personality Iridology, which has been developed by Jim Verghis.  This specific “map of the eyes” guides us again into understanding our inherant core nature, our gifts, lessons and pathways, to living a life filled with passion and purpose. 

 There is so much wisdom, and answers within your eyes, and it is literally personalized just for YOU!

NOW AVAILABLE:  Digital Iridology Camera that can take a picture of your eyes, view it on your computer, and see for yourself, what your eyes have to say.  Understanding your own body, mind, and soul’s purpose and passion,  is the key to a life of knowing thyself, and feeling fullfilled on all levels.

An Iridology consultation  will help inform you:

- where you need to start in re-gaining or maintaining vibrant health.

- what nutrients are depleted and in need of “restoration”

- your personal constitution-  which will inform you of how fast or slow your body will “repair itself”. (which is very handy to know when you are recommending herbs and foods for healing).

- where the toxins are so we know where to “get cleaning first”. 

(it could be lungs, colon, liver).

It also shows emotional and spiritual traits that can assist you to re-ignite your passion and remember your purpose.

Everyone is unique and differant in their personal health needs, spiritualy, emotionally and physically. 

Iridology takes the “guesswork out’.! 

Results are experienced because your needs, for your self, are the only thing we are considering.   The eyes show when healing is required, and they also show when healing has been established.

Bringing Light to Dark places, that is what Iridology does. 

 It sees the darkness (which are simply stored up toxins), and cleanses them away, and then “the light in the eyes’ return. 

Health returns.  That’s how it works.  It’s a beautiful Art and Science. 

Aren’t you curious about what ‘”your eyes have to say to you”?


Below there is more information o the Science of Physical Iridology, what it is and the history if you are interested in learning more. 

Iridology is a Science of analysing the iris of the eye.  It is a unique form of health analysis.  It is a simple and painless way of finding out what is happening within the physical body.   The  accuracy and speed this science provides in finding out which organ or body system is in greatest distress, or where the toxins are accumulating in “your’ body, is amazing. 

With this information, you can get started and solve some of your lingering health problems. 

Here is what Iridology can show:

  • - Inherent weaknesses (what requires strengthening)

        – Toxic settlements (where to cleanse first)

  • - Inflammation (the body’s first cry for help.)
  • - Body Constitution (Does your body type repair quickly or slowly

Your eyes have the answer’s, and Iridology is the tool which can take the guesswork out of “what your body needs” to re-gain and maintain Vibrant Health.

Once this information is gathered, we can begin to supply the body with the specific nutrients it requires to “heal itself.”

Mother Nature  to the rescue.

Whole Food Nutrition, Herbs and Superfoods are used to supply the extra nutrient’s required for you to  feel awesome and healthy.  

Iridology does not diagnose or see disease.  If you are looking for a medical diagnoses for disease, please  see your Medical Doctor.

History of Iridology

Iridiology is an age old science, dating back to 1880.   It was founded by a Hungarian Medical Doctor named Ignatz von Peczley. 

The next Father of Iridology in North America was Dr. Bernard Jensen.  I was fortunate to study with Dr. Jensen in his later years.

He was 84 years old when I took a 7 day workshop with him and his array of helper’s.  Dr. Jensen was amazing, he created a health ranch in California so he could follow his client’s on a daily basis and guide them to true inner health.  His experience and information on the importance of   Whole Food Nutrition and how “Nutrition is the twin to Iridology”, is still a model of success we can follow to-day.

 Dr. Jensen was my favourite mentor, with his humour, wit and wisdom, he was a joy to learn from.

Dr. Jensen was clear in saying, he was passing the torch to all of his student’s, so they could continue and relay the beauty and benefit of Iridology to future generation’s.  I have accepted this torch, and am grateful to be of service to other’s as Dr. Jensen was to me.

Behavioural and Personality Iridology

This Iridoogy is fascinationg.  It goes into the 2 types of personalities and behaviours in which we express ourselves.  This information and wisdom within the eyes helps us to understand “ourselves”, to Know Thyself in a way that empowers us to new heights.  It can help guide you in your communication style and skills, in relationships, careers, passion and your purpose.

Are you willing to “take the leap” and try something new?

 Consulting, Coaching, Guiding in person or by phone. I’d be happy to Partner with  you…..Take Inspired Action…and Feel the Results!

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 Iridology does not diagnose or see disease.  If you are looking for a medical diagnoses for disease, please see your Medical Doctor.  Iridology does not replace the care of your regular physician.)