Summer health tips everyone can enjoy!

Here we are, enjoying the sun and warmth of SUMMER,

and best of all, VACATIONS!

Whatever your summer plans are, hopefully they include

some of the following FUN HEALTH BENEFITS OF SUMMER.

Taking and making time to spend with family and friends,

is the funnest and easiest way,

to Improve Your Health, Naturally!

Here are some Health Tips and Pictures to Inspire Your Summer Fun.

Health Tip #1-RELAXATION

Health Tip #1- RELAXATION!

My son and I enjoying the sun,

the view,

and our first vacation day.

Kelowna with Jay Thompson

Health Tip #2:  TIME WITH FRIENDS.

Take Time for Friends you may not have seen in awhile.

The 3 on the left are friends of my brother’s we hadn’t seen in 30 years, and that’s me, and my 2 boys, (while my husband is behind the camera).

Uncle Le's banjo and accordian

Health Tip #3:  MUSIC AND DANCE

Here is my uncle on the banjo, and a friend on the accordian.  My dad got up to dance, at the age of 84!

Singing to karaoke, dancing and music are

wonderful ways of expressing your soul.

Whenever you have a chance, participate and have fun.

Diane's surprise, her brother.

Health Tip #4: LAUGHTER

Whenever you get a group of people together,

laughter is the best medicine.

This  was a surprise for my aunt, her brother from out of town showed up.

Attending family re-unions or large gatherings can take some

planning, and may include convincing your teenager’s…”this wll be FUN”,

and the Health Benefits everyone experiences will last for many years to come.

Re-connecting grandparents,  grandchildren,

 friends, and in-laws, provides joy, laughter, fun, and memories

that can be enjoyed by all.

So what do YOU have plannded  for Your Fun-Filled Summer?

Share your experiences of re-unions or summer “traditions”,

I’d love to hear them.

Your Natural Health and Spiritual Coach,


PS  Do you enjoy this blog, share it with others and spread the word.



  1. says

    Great Truth Annette, I’m so glad you had great time. Your pictures turned out very nice too. Great health tips and I would like to add that people who are connected to others have been shown to have better brain development and immune systems and less psychological vulnerability to all sorts of problems like depression, anxiety, addictions, and the like. The list goes on and on. I’m sure you know this; I just wanted to add it. :)

  2. Annette Agabob says

    Thank-You Catherine for adding onto these extra benefits.

    Yes, feeling connected has many benefits.

    Cousins can become “lifelong friends” with a little extra “connection” of family thrown into the mix.

    I welcome the extra benefits posted as a comment…..



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