Family Tree Healing

It is a journey,

to increase our health and well-being,

to feel more joy and peace in our lives,

and there are many routes we can take along the way.

It is not only what we eat, think and drink.

Everything is energy,

and just like we “inherit” physical health challenges

from our fore-fathers and mothers,

we also inherit “energetic and emotional” challenges.

Recently I attended a one day Family Constellation workshop.

This work is amazing,

and can clear up long standing “blocks” we just can’t seem to “see” or break through.

 We may be experiencing  difficulty in moving forward because we are “carrying someone elses luggage” from a previous generation, and we don’t even know it. 

There is no blame or shame in this work, only understanding and love.

Here is a description from the facilitator’s of this work:  

 “Family Constellation work is an effective process that helps break unhealthy family patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure and addiction. Often the root of the problem originates in our family history.

Systemic Constellation work is a powerful psychological and spiritual process, that initiates healing at a soul level and allows us to experience the fullness of our human potential.” Blanche & Harreson Tanner.


This process does not require re-living or talking about the issues and challenges in length. 

All that is required is a few sentences on what your challenges or struggle is, and then allow the process to unfold.

It is the type of process that must be “experienced” to

appreciate, and the benefits continue to unfold long after the workshop is over. 

If you are experiencing “stuck spots” in your life, and/or with a family member,

this work may provide an avenue of healing, not only for you,

but for the generations that came before you, and the generations that follow after you. 

Powerful work, that is quite simple, and freeing.

 Does any of this resonate with you? 

If so, you can find out more on this work at Blanche and Harreson’s website: – look for the link on the left “Family Constellations”. 

We are all in this together,

and there are certain times in our lives,

which seem to call upon us to heal at a deeper level.

Is it your time?

 I hope sharing my experiences can help one

more soul,

move forward and live more fully in their own,

Human and Spiritual potential.


Enjoy the ride,

Help, Guidance, and Support surround us.


Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,








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