World Diabetes Day & Earth Energy Tips.

To-day is World Diabetes Day,
and diabetes is increasing by substantial rates.

To-day I will be sharing some free Earth Energy
Health tips that everyone can benefit from ,
and many of us don’t utilize.

You see the Earth energy itself has amazing health
benefits, for example,
Dr. Sinatra has lectured on this
subject, and co-written a book called:
“Earthing”, which explains this in great detail.

You see,
Dr. Sinatra explains how grounding yourself with earth energy can actually thin your blood,
which enables your blood to flow more quickly and smoothly.
He has physical proof and demonstrates how this actually “works”.

Many diabetics suffer with poor blood flow to their hands and feet,
and therefore sharing this information with you gives
you something you can go outside,
right now in this moment,
and start IMPLEMENTING, to improve your health now.

Here’s how you can connect to earth energy,
and start improving your health to-day!

– Dr. Bernard Jensen would recommend you walk barefoot on the grass in the early morning when there is still dew on the grass…
this will ground you to earth energy,
and improve your circulation.
– you can even do it in the snow, even a few minutes will
get the blood flowing.
– in warmer weather, David Wolfe suggests you lie down for
an hour on the earth, skin to earth,
and allow the earths healing energy to work it’s wonders.

– swimming in fresh cold lakes will also ground you,
as will swimming in clean oceans.

Gardening, touching trees, and even riding horses and petting animals
will help connect you with Earths Energy and help to
ground your energy.

Sometimes we dismiss the simple secrets Mother Nature
has always provided,
and Earths healing Energy IS one of those secrets.

There is great wisdom in following Mother Nature
and allowing our bodies to heal ourselves,
and I encourage you to remember,
the body will heal itself, when given the nutrients and the opportunity.

Diabetes is not a dis-ease to “fight”,
it is a message from our bodies looking for us to
“tend and befriend” it….
to give it what it needs both energetically and nutritionally,
so the body can do…what it does best….
and that is…”to heal itself”.

I invite you to explore the many answers that can
be found within yourself,
and within nature,
so we can all help each other.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, who served over 350,000 people get
well from all kinds of health challenges would say this:

“Health is Learned and Earned”!

I hope you take ACTION and use the Earth’s Energy to
begin the process of improving your health, naturally!

Inspiring Vibrant Health, Naturally!

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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  1. says

    Wow….so many fascinating concepts to learn, understand and develop skill in using.
    The mentors you have had are very impressive people in their fields and as a consequence, you have personally developed into a very knowledgeable health and nutrition coach. This whole concept of learning to be as one with the earth (that’s what you call “earthing” ?)is very exciting .

    I particularly love the idea that by listening to my own body, it may be limitless, if I respond properly with the right nutrients and the right supplements, as to what I an accomplish in the way of helping my body to heal itself.

    I feel like the scales are being taken off my eyes and the mufflers off my ears and now I can see and hear more clearly what my opportunities are.

    Thanks Coach.

    Jerry J…the relationship guy

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