Winterwonderland and Warm Movies to Inspire Health.

The winter season is upon us,
and where I live the snow is falling and the blanket of white has arrived.

I love winter,
and for some reason it brings upon me
a feeling of quiet and peacefullness.

Although you may have an entirely differant experience, such as anxiety and stress, as many of you travel long distances to and from work, I understand snow is not always fun and games.
( I used to commute 2 hours to work too….really, I get it)

To-day I am nere to remind you to slow down for a moment, and become aware, and notice Mother Nature’s message to you.

Winter is a time of rest,
slowing down,
and for many,
heading south to warmer temperatures,
like many breeds of birds do,
and many seniors too!
(we call these seniors “snowbirds”).

For those of us who do not “fly south for the winter”, looking out your window you will see less activity.

There are less birds,
the bears are hibernating,
the trees are dormant,
and there is a “stillness” in the air.

One way to REDUCE THE STRESS AND ANXIETY of these Winter Wonderland days, is to slow down too.

Sometimes that may require re-thinking your many invitations and plans to travel here and there for one party or another, and instead, check inside and ask yourself and ask, “what do I really want or need”?

Is it rest, or more driving?

The word “NO” is sometimes difficult to say, and yet, sometimes it brings the peace and rest required during this winter season.

If you are used to being busy,
sitting still can be difficult,
so below I have some Healthy Movie suggestions for you.

Mix them in with your other seasonal movies, and inspire yourself on how you can Reclaim Your Health, Naturally.

The movie “Raw for 30 Days”,
shows how diabetes, both Type I and II have been reversed naturally,

This is an amazing film,
and really opens your mind to the Possibility of healing anything naturally.

There is also another dvd “Raw for Life”,

and for the next 5 days these movies are being offered at 50% off,

plus they are offering all kinds of bonus “how to” videos that will inspire you to take some healthfull action.

This would be a great way to stay motivated, pick and choose the things you want to add to your lifestyle, and stay on track in 2011.

Maybe put it on your “Chritmas/Winter Solstice Wish List”?

It may make a great gift for yourself and your family.

To check it out you can go here.

Other films you may want to watch are:

1. Sicko – found in your local video store.
2. Food Inc. – also found in your local video store.

All of these are excellant in demonstrating what we “have not”

been told,
and gives us clarity as to why your health seems to be deteriorating faster than you can acquire the knowledge on how to Reclaim It!

Winter is a great time to gather together and watch movies,
stay warm and relax.

As always, I would love to hear your comments on these movies,
or any other health comments you want to share.

Have a great winter day.

Inspiring Vibrant Health, Naturally.


PS Raw for 30 Days isn’t only about diabetes,
it is about how our body can heal itself of the most difficult challenges,
naturally. Check it out here:


  1. says


    What a calm, gentle and peaceful -feeling inducing blog you have written here.
    Your description of winter made me feel good and sent my mind back to my time in Vernon, BC where I went to school from Grade 6 to graduation . I recalled the streets all white and quiet in the morning when we were walking to school, slipping and sliding .throwing snowballs, not at all worried about the frosty temperature as we were dressed for winter. In smaller towns, it really is a joyful ,peaceful time, as is Christmas. The coloured lights all reflecting so beautifully against the pure white snow.

    Thanks for the memory jog of some of the happiest days of my life.

    Your blog was very poetic in feeling ……beautifully descriptive. I was very impressed and especially pleased about the warm feelings it gave me. Thanks for the movie tips as well.

    Great job, coach.

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