Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Aug. 24-2010  – Seasonal Healing…Fall is for Building up……a healthy immune system.

Living in the Creston Valley at this time of year is the ultimate experience of abundance. 

 This valley produces a variety of food

for us to consume and enjoy to increase our health and vitality.

Wherever you are living, look around and see what is growing near you,

and take action in collecting the “fresh stuff”.

I’d like to bring to your attention the  two types of harvest::

–        regular agriculture (that we actively choose to plant  and harvest), 


–         wildcrafted and grown by nature her self.

The harvesting of both these food groups, 

  play a key role in enhancing your health and well-being. 

 As you drive around the valley or out in the country at this time of year,

you will see an abundant of signs hanging in driveways and at the fruit stands displaying what is available to eat, fresh, and hot off the crops.

Look for “you pick” signs,

and bring your family for an experience that is “beyond” the food quality and nutrition.

Picking fruit in the country is “in and of itself”,

a health producing  activity, that is fun for the whole family.

My son and I picked 10 lbs. of blueberries yesterday,

(sorry, I totally forgot to take a picture),  but I may go back and shoot a video for you.:)

To-day I will discuss the regular grown  foods that we like to plant and harvest,

and later in the week I will write about the wild, natural growing superfoods.

The food in abundance right now includes:

–         cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, watermelons, muskmelons,  grapes, and an excellent winter fruit…apples..

In the vegetable category the fall foods include:

–         tomatoes, many varieties of squash, beets, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, zucchini, kohlrabi, garlic, onions, and the list goes on.

It is best to eat all of the above while it’s still fresh and raw. 

There is more “life and vitality” when foods are picked and consumed right away. 

They are filled with enzymes and nutrients only found in freshly harvested food,

so get your fill now while you can. 

Many of the fall vegetables and fruits provide “building up’ of the immune system. 

Beets for example are loaded with minerals, vitamin A, and build the blood significantly. 

They eliminate acid waste in the bowels,

support and cleanse the liver and gallbladder as well as the digestive and lymphatic systems. 

 Grate them, juice them, steam them and enjoy their multiple health benefits. 

Another favourite is spaghetti squash. 

This squash will specifically nourish the elimination, digestion  and nervous system.   

I use spaghetti squash as a spaghetti. 


1 Spaghetti squash

8 – 12 oz. tomatoes (fresh, blanched & peeled and blended for sause)

onions, garlic, green peppers, celery or anything else you like putting into your tomato sauce. 

Cut the squash in half,

lay on a tray with water in the bottom, bake  @ 350 F.  approx. 45 minutes,

or until it is tender like a potato would be.

Scrape out the seeds, keep them to eat, they’re delicious.

Use a spaghetti utensil to scrape the spaghetti squash out of it’s shell.

Add a little butter or olive oil,  your tomato sauce,

and VOILA, a gluten-free spaghetti. 

Serve with a fresh salad and your set.

Delicious and Nutritious.

Remember, the nutrients we receive from foods affect our thoughts,

our flexiblity, our clarity of mind, and our passion for life.

NOW is the time to pick, eat and store the abundance of food available to you.

The 2 best  ways to preserve your food is through drying and freezing.

This leaves the enzymes in tact, as compared to canning.

(I know canning is becoming more popular again, and it is definately better

to can your own food than buy it, but try to keep some for drying and freezing too.)

Root vegetables will store better during the winter,

so stock up on those as well.

Enjoy the abundance and notice the differance in your health.

And hey,

thanks for being here.

Your Natural Health and Transformation Coach,


PS  If you have never gone to a farm and picked your own fruit or

vegetables and eaten them ..fresh off the vine….it may be time…do it now…

and taste the differance while you enjoy the experience.


  1. says

    Hi There Canada’s Health Coach,

    Boy, did I enjoy this blog! Healthiest blog I’ve ever read. The problem was I got hungrier by the moment and was soon drooling at the thought of some of the natural foods you identified. I don’t recall ever seeing spaghetti squash in a grocery store. Do they call it something else? I want to find some and try your delicious sounding recipe. I could almost smell it cooking.
    Your mention of the joy of picking our own fruits and veggies brought back a lot of childhood memories . We always had a garden in our backyard in Vernon and it was great being able to pick or pull items for the meal coming in the next hour. (But I hated the weeding chore which my brothers and I were required to do.) My grandpa in Penticton had huge gardens , as well as an orchard , a berry farm … fact he even had a tree nursery. We loved going for a visit to Penticton and while the adults were all inside drinking dandelion wine , we were out in the gardens picking and eating all the different kinds of berries, apricots, plums, peach plums, cherries, peas, tomatoes, etc etc. Grandpa also had cows and chickens in those days . When he milked the cows he would squirt a stream of milk right into our mouths. And then we would go and collect the eggs the chickens laid.

    It was a great time. Natural foods were delicious and kept us very healthy. Those were the days . Thanks for the great info and for resurrecting memories of happy times.

    Your the greatest, Health Coach Annette.


    Jerry J , the relationship guy

  2. Annette Agabob says

    Hi Jerry, yes you are right, those were the days,
    and not many people in the younger generations
    have experienced that lifestyle.
    The spaghetti squash is in the Overwaitea grocery
    stores here. It is usually a light yellow color,
    and an oblong shape.

    My kids don’t need to “pick the weeds”,
    because I usually let most of them grown,
    and pick them now and again to eat.
    (except for some of the tall unedible weeds).

    My parents can’t get over how I leave weeds in my garden.
    What can I say,
    herbalists like weeds.

    Thanks for the sharing your story Jerry,
    and enjoy your spaghetti squash.

    Your Natural Health and Transformation Coach,


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