Is our Health and Life Fragile?

I’m feeling really, really motivated to write on a subject that I usually avoid.

  Last week I created a short video on this subject as well, and I didn’t share it with you  because the “sync” in the audio seems to be “off” a bit, but,

 it appears this message really did need to reach you, so here it is.

Now the reason I am motivated is because in the past 3 weeks there has been 2 people I know,

who are dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, and another person who thought “they might have cancer”.

So,  it seems the time has come for me to share my observations, and to remind us all,

that our health and life is fragile.

Once cancer has been diagnosed, it usually comes wrapped in a

huge amount of FEAR.  There’s just no way around that for most people. 

All of a sudden the scramble is on:

–         doctors appt.’s.

–         tests

–         scans

–         decisions such as:  surgery, chemo., meds., alternative therapy maybe,

–         and more fear.

This is understandable, and it is not anyone’s fault!

If you have been reading my newsletters, and articles, you are aware of how I am constantly suggesting ways to improve upon your health, now. 

–         not to-morrow,

–         not next month,

–         but now.


The bottom line is this:

–         your body is self-healing.

–         it requires balancing the mind, body and Spirit.

–         our body is the “home” of our Spirit,

–         and healing takes time.

It is like the physical home we live in, it needs to be cleaned out once in awhile. (well, more than once in awhile really).

 From all of my education and training in wholistic health,

 and all of the pioneers like Dr. Bernard Jensen who “reversed his prostrate and bone cancer”, by following the laws of nature, 

the message is important to take, and make time,

 to cleanse the body of  toxins on a regular basis.

Once the diagnosis has arrived, it is much more difficult.

The body does not have as much strength left, and it is easier

to clean house when you have some energy, right?


Yes, it may take some time out of our regular routine to cleanse.

Yes, we might feel tired, and have a headache, or feel nausea while the toxins are being ‘stirred up’ and moved “out of our bodies”.


The bonus is, we can choose to cleanse at a time that is suitable for us,

when we’re not too busy,

and take this time to allow the body to heal itself. 

When we:

– take out the garbage once in awhile, (cleanse the toxins),

– and then pour in the high octane clean fuel- real organic food, whole food supplements, water, etc.


We feel:

–         more lightness in our step,

–         more energy,

–         more passion for life,

–         and less stress.

The one “common denominator” for all of us,

is to make your health, a priority.

If you don’t, ……who will?

Trust me, when you get the news of cancer,

all of a sudden, the priority shifts.

 Everything is put on the back burner, including work, family, events, social activities, because cancer is a big deal.

Fear isn’t my favourite topic, and I don’t like to use it for motivation, yet it is an emotion experienced by many, and since it was brought to my attention, I decided to use it as a “reminder”.  

Awareness is to take action now, make small goals for your health,

take small steps, and please, when it comes to your health,

“don’t ignore the small stuff”, it’s your body communicating with you, asking for  help.

Are you listening to your body?

It can happen to anyone, so try to keep you tank ¾ full,

instead of running on empty, it will make a difference.

If you are ready to clean out some garbage,

spring is a good time…

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Are you ready to take care of “you”?

Let me know, post it below,

and thanks for being Pro-Active in Your Health!   


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