Health Goals-

Sept. 27-2010 is the calendar date to-day,

and do you know what that means?

That means we have 95 more days left in this year,

the year 2010. 

95 more days until it’s 2011.

In our daily lives we have many goals, priorities,

and must do  items,

and I thought that now would be a good time to see where your

HEALTH GOALS are placing in the “line up” of priorities.

Why wait until Jan. 1st,

let’s take a look at what intentions or health plans you had set for yourself this year,

if any,

and how many did you accomplish?

Here are a few ideas…

Did you:

– start a morning routine of drinking a whole foods smoothie, adding some

extra super foods like Conscious Planet TRANSFORM,

 which keeps you fueled up,

balanced emotionally, and energized for the day?

– start an exercise program?

– cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs or any body system,

 to help get the “sludge and toxins” out of your body?

– go for a massage once a month, or try a “colonics” session?

– start taking enzymes to help digest your food better,

–  quit smoking

– quit wheat, dairy, or consuming fried foods maybe.

or the many other health goals you wanted to achieve for 2010.

I am amazed the year is less than 3 months from turning into a New Year.

If you have reached some of your health goals,


the act of celebrating allows you the satisfaction of actually reaching your goal,

and every small goal towards better health,

is  A BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT, so Celebrate with a friend,

and pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

And please,

Share you successes below,

inspire others to taking action,

so they can  feel healthier, happier and stronger,

just like you are,

right here,

right now.

In my next blog I will share some of my health successes this year.

If you recall, I had a major shoulder issue occur in May,

with the possibility of requiring surgery,

and I will share some natural health strategies I used

to improve the health of myself and my shoulder,


Until next time,

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


PS If you didn’t follow through with your health goals,

you are amongst 88% of the population who do not hire a health coach,

or a mentor to keep them on track to succeed.

It only takes one decision to change your life,

one word,

YES is that word.

To-Day is a new day, get started now,


  1. says

    Hi Fellow “Canuck” Coach,

    Your memory jog that there’s just 3 months left in 2010 scared the bejabbers out of me! Where did the year go? I still have many undone items on my goals list for 2010. 2011 is not welcome just yet!!!!!

    On a more positive note, I truly enjoyed your listing of health -related things I should and could be doing but am not…….at least not all of them. That is a very helpful list . Can you explain what CONSCIOUS PLANET TRANSFORM superfood is so I can go after it? It sounds wonderful.

    What is your recommendation for the cleanses you mentioned..colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc??? Quitting wheat and fried foods makes sense , but what’s the negative side of dairy? I drink and use only skim milk and I enjoy cheddar and parmesan cheese…….am I asking for trouble?

    I am always intrigued when I read your blog and it seems I always have a million questions. Hope you don’t mind.

    I look forward to reading about your shoulder recovery processes and your general health improvement actions.

    Great job Annette. I’m thinking about recommending you as Canada’s next Minister of Health.You up for that????

    Jerry Jellison….the relationship guy

  2. says

    Wow, I can’t believe the year is that close to coming to a close. You are right, it makes me think of all I wanted to accomplish with my health this year. Health is so important, but something we tend to take from granted until something happens to jar us into motion.
    I am going to revisit my health goals for this year to see what positive changes I can make before the year ends.

  3. says

    Jerry, I will write a blog on TRANSFORM, you can get it here;
    enter your name and email, and look under “products” for TRANSFORM.
    Also I will answer your other questions, instead of putting them al in here,
    And as for doing “all the suggestions” I listed,
    that would be a very TALL ORDER, even for a health nut like me,
    Stay tuned for Part II of HEALTH GOALS -95 days and ocunting.
    Your Natural Health Coach,

  4. says

    Annette you’re on top of it as always. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.
    Actually my body hasn’t been very happy either. I can say that your list is in perfect order. Great for ADDer’s. At least this is how I got to where I am today. Helps my ADD plus gives me more clarity, keeps me fueled up, balanced emotionally, and energized for the day? It’s amazing how much we abuse our bodies. I guess I’ll be contacting you soon.
    Thanks for the goals list.

    Catherine Trammell

  5. Elizabeth Clark says


    Thanks for your wonderful, healthy suggestions on healthy living. Good to see someone with commonsense, easy to carry out goals.

    I’ve found that regular exercise and eliminating wheat and dairy increased my energy tenfold.

    What will I add this year? Getting that monthly massage sounds like a great idea..

    Looking forward to your next inspirational blog. You’re awesome!

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