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Natural and Spiritual Health – an Inner and Outer Approach.


During this Shift of Consciousness on our Planet now, we are being asked to move into our bodies, and into our hearts to find our solutions, not in our logical/practical minds.  This is a differant “space” to make our decisions from, and yet this is the way of the New Energy of 2012 and Beyond.

It is in aligning with your own Inner Truth of your heart, which results in more desireable and peaceful outcomes in your daily life. One small decision at a time, is all that is required. One aligned step within, can change your desired experience without.

Now is the Time, We Are the Ones We have been waiting for.

Below you will see a few ideas of the types of coaching groups I have worked with in the past, and you can always contact me and we can discuss if we are a fit in working together in the area you would like to work on. 

Group Coaching Topic Samples:


What do all of the above have in common?

  Passionate hearts and sensitive souls, which can be seen as “emotional” girls/women/and children.

These sensitive souls can be very misunderstood, and also, because they are sensitive, they can FEEL everything around them, and quite often, take on other’s negativity, which results in their emotions being “a handful”.

If you are ready for new ways to overcome old patterns and problems, with increasing Grace, and Ease, now is the time.

THERE IS NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH ANSWERS for PASSIONATE HEARTS ON PURPOSE. There is a way to work with your emotions, your intuition, and all of your gifts, so never, ever give up hope.

2.  TRIPLE YOUR ENERGY – NATURALLY! This is a 5 week class which gives you the foundation of how to find out where you need to begin for you health and wellness, and it includes plenty of education and practical steps and tools to improve your health, both spiritually and naturally, inner and outer.

(This is also available as an educational heart & home option, see “products” for more information”.


Learn how to “forget to smoke”, and use natural products to allow smoking to slowly fall by the wayside.  Have support from you coach, and your peers.

I am here to partner with you, to take your next inspired step on your journey.

I am here to partner with you, an emotional girl with a passionate heart, to help support, educate, inspire and help you calm the emotional roller coaster of living with A PASSIONATE HEART.

  Indigo children can be hyper, strong minded, intelligent and intuitive, and it requires understandng yourself, and your children, and tools that can really help you on a day to day basis, so everyone can feel more connected with each other, and more peace and harmony within your daily lives.

If you feel ready to move forward and allow yourSelf to Gracefully move into the next steps to shine Your Light, and live you life in more peace, harmony, and joy,then I too, am ready.

You will receive a complimentary 20 minute coaching session with me,, which will help us meet each other, and decide if moving forward, together, with passion and commitment, is the next best step.

I appreciate you, and invite you to take Inspired Action To-day, and give yourself the gift of rediscovering who you really are, from the Inside-Out.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


Creating AHA Moments, One Step at a Time!


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