Woo-Hoo for BEing YOU-Celebrating YourSelf!

Woo-Hoo for BEing You! Did you take a few moments to ReMember how awesome YOU are,

and that you did the very best you could, with what you had, up until this point in time?

You know how we attend “Celebrations of Life” for our loved ones when they pass on,

and all those emotions and memories come to the surface of all the GOOD TIMES we had?

Sometimes we may wish we had said “I love you” one more time,

or had one more laugh with them, dance with them or holiday with them, and yet we just feel the joy of knowing them.

Well To-Day is New Year’s Eve, and while you may be full on planning “next year”,

setting intentions and goals, and deciding who you want to BEcome,

I invite and encourage you to look at some pictures of this year, 2011,

and even in 2010, 2009, 2008.

Allow yourself time to See how far you have come upto TO-DAY!

CELEBRATE YOU for a few moments. Breathe in how wonderful you are,

how many people appreciate YOU, how much you have served and helped and guided and loved others,

and how much of a differance you have ALREADY MADE, in the world,

now, to-day.

Celebrate Your Life, for Your Self,

because it is Peace In, Joy In, Appreciation In, and Love Within,

that spills OUT into the world.

You are the One, and give yourSelf a GREAT BIG PAT ON THE BACK.

Do it now, close your eyes, and envision ALL THE GOOD THINGS you have received,

given and experienced in your life.

……….Now receive one gentle deep breath in…..

……….and out with a Celebratory……………….AHH…HAAAAAAA!


You are Worth It, now head into 2012 KNOWING you are valued,

you make a differance, and you deserve more of your Greatness, and your Heart’s Desires.

Watch for you 2012 New Year, New Earth and New Year Poem I will be sending out to-,morrow,

and remember, You are the Greatest in the World! (like Kenny Roger’s song…remember that…about the boy playing baseball)?

Have a spectacular Dec. 31, 2011!!!!

Your Natural, Spiritual, & Intuitive Health Mentor,


PS… To-night I am staying up for the 12:00 AM Ringing in the New Year’s 2012,

after all … 2012 is all about Being ‘AWAKE”..

.(HAR-HAR…HA-HA…TEE-HEE…very dry joke I know,

Ahh….but what the heck…Happy Happy New Year’s Eve anyway!)

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