Raising Your Vibration with Nutrition

How are you making out with managing your energy and emotions during this planetary and evolutionary shift?  Can you feel the intensity of these amazing times we are living in right now? As we are almost half-way through the year 2011, there is little doubt that we are living in extraordinary times. As the Hopi Indians […]

Wild Superfoods and Your Health

As the fall season continues, it is really helpful to look around where you live, and see what kind of wild berries, trees and such are growing naturally, that you can “harvest for free”. Here I have included a picture of me picking wild huckleberries.               They are small […]

Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Aug. 24-2010  – Seasonal Healing…Fall is for Building up……a healthy immune system. Living in the Creston Valley at this time of year is the ultimate experience of abundance.   This valley produces a variety of food for us to consume and enjoy to increase our health and vitality. Wherever you are living, look around and see […]