Consciousness – & What’s Up with Weird and Woo-Woo?

CONSCIOUSNESS – Weird & Woo-Woo? “This book isn’t for everyone – it’s for the few – the people that realize this reality in its current form is not working to bring about the greater “us” – that is truly possible.  I wrote this for the ‘dreamers” – those that “know” that something different – and […]

Holiday Hangover Helper & Hurting Heart Helpers too!

Just in case you need a few herbal hangover helpers …either for yourself or someone else, there are some AWESOME Natural Ways to feel better, and actually heal your body with high density nutrients. Secondly, I’ll I’d like to remind you, that people drink for a reason….to FEEL BETTER and Happier…right? To-day I’ll share a […]

Feminine Hormone Oxytocin – The Shift & You.

Well congratulations, you are well on your way into and beyond the 2012 Shift in Consciousness. Although I do not know how your experiences have been this far, my experiences have certainly been on a wide scale of trial and tribulation, to awareness, awakening and AHA’s. For example, both my mom and dad passed away […]

AHA-Solar Eclipse- Your Soul & A Song

Dearest Soul Friends…the title of this message will hopefully instill a sense of wonder within you. To-day while having an afternoon “soul nap”, I awoke from a dream hearing this song…. and only a few words of it could I remember, it felt important, and thus…I simply… looked it up on the internet. You will […]