UnBridle Your Self – New Web Home for You!

Is it time to have more Joy, Ease and Fun  in your living and your business? Annettes Health Action has changed it’s name & web-home, it is now ~ “The Conscious Cowgirl“~ How Fun is That?    http://www.theconsciouscowgirl.com   I bring the same 20 years of Natural and Spiritual Health Guidance,  with a flare of good old “Down […]

Consciousness – & What’s Up with Weird and Woo-Woo?

CONSCIOUSNESS – Weird & Woo-Woo? “This book isn’t for everyone – it’s for the few – the people that realize this reality in its current form is not working to bring about the greater “us” – that is truly possible.  I wrote this for the ‘dreamers” – those that “know” that something different – and […]

Holiday Hangover Helper & Hurting Heart Helpers too!

Just in case you need a few herbal hangover helpers …either for yourself or someone else, there are some AWESOME Natural Ways to feel better, and actually heal your body with high density nutrients. Secondly, I’ll I’d like to remind you, that people drink for a reason….to FEEL BETTER and Happier…right? To-day I’ll share a […]

Indigos, Sensitive Souls and Relationships – Free Call Invite

Are you ready to Stop Struggling and Start Living, creating more peace and harmony in your family and relationships, Now? This Thursday October 11th, you are invited to this LIVE interview with experts and Soul Specialists Remi Thivierge and Jill Miller. Together they will profoundly assist you and your family move beyond the challenges and […]