About Annette

Annette has been a Natural and Spiritual Health enthusiast for the past 20 years.

Her expertise and education as a Chartered Herbalist, Iridologist and Whole Food Nutrition, as well as a Spiritualpreneur,  & Empath has seen her inspiring others in improving their health and well-being, naturally.

The Shift in Consciousness on the planet now, and Being available for Women Willing to Access Their Own Knowing &” Be Your SELF”,  is Annettes calling!

Inspiring others to follow their heart, Re-Ignite their own Inner Knowing, while Remembering Who they really Are on this sweet earth now,
so they can live their life more fulfilled and Blessed with Grace and Ease.

Experiencing cancer and thyroid challenges in her early 30’s, took her down a path that changed her entire perspectve on health and taking responsibility for improving it.  Learning about and applying natural and alternative ways for healing became her mission.

Therefore her journey began with one step, and now, 20 years later, she continues to follow her heart, and take one more step on this journey we all are taking together.
The 2012 Shift on the Planet, and moving ourSelves into a higher level of Consciousness and awareness  is emerging and is now quite apparent.
Therefore Guiding and Remembering your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, & Spiritual & Down to Earth Selves has been a Pioneering Journey into the Heart of what matters on Earth now.

I invite you to close your eyes and ask yourSelf this:

Is Now the Time for us to join together and Be the Change We Know Is Possible.

Annette enjoys the country life, animals, mother nature, and the beauty of the valley she lives in with her husband and 2 teen-age sons.

She grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, and her farm roots never went away,

she always felt at home, in the country.  As she worked in the city, she always dreamed of returning to the quiet rural life, which is where shechooses to  live now.

(She did spend 14 years working for a telephone company, and commuting hours to and from work, all the while, knowing she would return to the country).

The many mentors and coaches that have crossed her path, have helped her to become the Inspirational Conscious Cowgirl, and the Natural, Spiritual Health Guide she is to-day.

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receiving more Grace and Ease, and Living Life more Light-Heartedly.

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We appreciate you, and celebrate your willingness to pioneer this with us, Together we will Thrive and Soar into a New Earth, and a New You.