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INSPIRING You to Access Your Knowing

& BE Your “Yee-Haa” Self

During the Greatest Shift in Consciousness occurring on Earth now.

I welcome you to the Spiritual Shift, yes the Shift of the Ages, from your heads, into your Hearts, and Accessing Your Knowing.

It may feel like it’s been a long trying journey, and now…well…Is Now the Time…and Are You The One We have been waitng for?

I honor you, for taking this time out in  your day,

to visit and explore ways to discover more of “who you really are”, and how to express that into the world.


At this moment I am offering a 6 week Live Tele-series called:



If you’d like to BE with others in your Soul Group, and continue the momentum of Flying Forward and Growing with Grace and Ease, then this might be for you.  You can read more about it here: 


Are you feeling a shift occurring within you right now?

A BIG SHIFT similar to what the earth is experiencing in various parts of the world, or smaller gentler shifts?

I encourage you, if you are feeling overwhelmed, 

or frustrated at times, that it is okay.  

We are going through a MAJOR SHIFT here on Earth,

and of course we feel unsettled and challenged, we are human, here on earth, and we are simply doing the best we can with what we have learned this far. 

Transformation can feel uncomfortable, like the last days of pregnancy, or before any life changing decision, there is hesitancy, questioning, and all of this is part of the process of transformation.

TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS of life, is learned and remembered.

Vibrant Health is Learned and remembered….

Emotional Balance is Learned and remembered… 

Your HEART’S KNOWING is simply remembered!


Do you feel like you are being called to dig deep, dissolve old patterns, and allow the miracles and magic of a joyful, peaceful, fullfilling life, into your Being on earth now?  

            You are not alone in this.

Together we can make a differance.       

 I understand how you feel!  My own journey into natural health and well-being began 30 years ago when my own health was compromised, with cancer, thyroid problems, low energy, etc.  This is when I opened a new door, and have been taking “one step at time” ever since.  You can read more about my journey on the “about Annette” page, and how my health problems lead to me becoming an Herbalist, Iridologist and Whole Food Nutrition consultant and then coach.

I am offering my gifts in serving you, to assist you in your next steps along this journey.  I have been on my journey of natural and spiritual health, accessing my hearts intuitive knowing and Being my Self, for 21 years.

 Is it time to Re-Ignite Your Passion, Re-member Your Path & YOur Greatness, and share and Be YourSelf in a bigger way?

My gifts include understanding the importance of Mother Earth, Spiritual Connection, Accessing and Trustin Your Knowing,  and the Guiding Wisdom reflected within your OWN EYES.

 1. Mother Earth- she provides us with all our Divine nutritional needs, whole, pure and natural.              

2. Spiritual Connection and Inner Guidance – Learning to take time and connect within, connect with our Spiritual source. Learn how to set daily intentions, transform emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you, and ASK for Inner Guidance, Listen, and then take Divine Inspired Action, from a calm knowing within.

3.  Your Eyes – Your eyes hold the answers that are a Divine Blueprint for you, and you only.  

Just as you can see “out into the world” through your eyes,

they also provide many maps ‘WITHIN YOU”, including:

- your physical body, it’s systems, organs and your speciific constitution, it’s an answer sheet just for you and you only.

- your emotions, personality and behavioral traits, and how when you become aware of your challenges and the lessons they are giving you, you grow from them.

- when you discover and understand your Divine gifts you are here to share, you expand and nourish them, to grow healthy and strong, and you serve others through your gifts, naturally.

It’s a balancing act that is learned and earned.

The eyes speak from your Divine inner being, 

they will help you to understand YOU, what works for your Divine Life. 

Are you an Emotional Girl with a Passionate Heart? 

Are you sensitive, intuitive (but you don’t really know what to do with all this “feeling intuitive stuff”?


Are you a thinker who likes to ask questions and solve problems? 

When you tap into, and understand these paths of Inner Discovery:

- your begin to Trust more, in Yourself and in life.

- your emotions begin to calm and balance, 

- and your certainty in Your Intuition and inner knowing, increases.   

You begin to experience the miracles and magic still alive within you, and then, outside in your real world.

You are partnering with a Higher Vibration, and it takes commitment, practice, coaching, and accountability, and it’s WORTH IT, and you are WORTH IT. 

Now it is upto you.

What inspired action are you ready for?

  At this point, you are feeling it in your gut, either a YES, or ..No.  Trust that, and from that place of TRUST, 

Allow Your Self to the next Inspired ACTION.

I invite you to connect within, and decide which “next action step resonates with YOU.

1. Sign up for my free newsletter, where you will receive updates on upcoming free webinars, teleclasses, experts and daily Divine health and Spiritual wellness tips. 

2. ACCESS BARS - an Access Consciousness tool that releases years and lifetimes of Limitations and neurological patterns that are stopping yo uufrom Receiving the Being You Truly Be?  This is an easy hands on process of 32 points on the head, that when touched …release the patterns holding you back from Living Life Light-Heartedly.   

3.  Purchase my “Triple Your Energy Course”, which is a 5 part audio and pdf’s series.  It is the Foundation of the Physcial and Spiritual practices to get you started on your journey of “connecting within, connecting with Earth, and understanding your body and yourself, Naturally and Spiritually.

3.  Private Coaching, with me, 3 sessions per month, so you can un-cover and discover “who you really are”, and where you want to go next.  

I have hired many mentors and coaches over the years, and until I made that commitment to myself, I could not grow and learn and expand into serving in a more fullfilled, and on purpose with passion way of life.

I invite you to contact me if you feel your YES:

YES Annette, I am ready!

Email: vibranthealthcoach@wynndel.ca

Phone:  250-866-5737

Skype: annettesaha

You will always receive a gift of 20 minutes to speak with me, so we can find out if this is a good fit, for you, and for us as partners. 

I enjoyed sharing with you to-day, and I trust your path will lead you to more harmony, and peace, within.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


Creating Inner A.H.A. moments, One Step at a Time.




 Disclaimer:  The information presented here is to inspire and educate

 it’s reader in natural health and whole food nutrition.  Annette is not a 

Medical Dr., and the information is not intended to replace your

regular visits and recomendation’s from your personal M.D.  or other health professionals.