2012 Is Happening Now!

Well my friends, the 2012 Shift is happening now, and I have been inspired to create a Free Tele-class to discuss this lively topic.

The theme of this topic is to keep your eye on the Light,
and Trust in the process of Transformation. I was so busy setting
up the teleclass, and all the techy details, that I forgot to post
it on my blog here…oops.

So if you want to catch this Free- Teleclass, simply visit my
www.2012withloveandhope.com website,
and you can register for the call, and receive all the call in details.

We had the call to-day, but the Replay link is ready,
and the BONUSES are still available. I’m not sure for how long,
but hop on over and find out.

We talk about the 3 Ways to Open up and experience more hope,
love and joy, during the daily life challenges.

Inspirational, Light-ness and AHA moments were words described
by the participants. Come along and enjoy the fun.


Have an Inspired Hope-filled week-end,


A Sunrise to Inspire your Soul

I woke up this morning to this Beautiful Sunrise,
and the thought that arose with it was….

Isn’t amazing when we receive these beautiful gifts
from nature,
Mother Earth,
and Spirit,
giving us an Uplifting,
Hi 5 in the Sky?

The funny thing is,
within 10 minutes, the sun had risen fully,
and the fog that was in the bottom of the valley,
now rose up the hillside,
and I couldn’t see much but white fog.

I thought isn’t that just like life.

One moment you are inspired and hopeful,
and then later in the day,
your heads all foggy,
and you can’t see 2 feet in front of you.
Like Jimmy Buffet sings: “your dancing in the fog”.

Well…as more time passed,
the fog burned off once again,
and the Sun was Shining,
and the Fall leaves were glistening.

Mother Nature fills up my cup when I experience
these beautiful scenes.

Have a Soul Inspired Day,