Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Aug. 24-2010  – Seasonal Healing…Fall is for Building up……a healthy immune system. Living in the Creston Valley at this time of year is the ultimate experience of abundance.   This valley produces a variety of food for us to consume and enjoy to increase our health and vitality. Wherever you are living, look around and see […]

The Cancer Causing Sex Virus and The Legal Diary of A Drug Dealer.

To-day`s top story in is all about the Cancer Causing Sex Virus HPV.  Here is the Title from FORBES.COM:  “Sexually Transmitted Diseases The Cancer-Causing Sex Virus Matthew Herper; 07.21.10; 04:15 PM EDT HPV–known for causing cervical cancer–is emerging as the leading cause of throat cancer in men. Should they get the vaccine too?” You […]

The Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer….

ONE DRUG REP. DARES TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH!! NO kidding, since my last blog post was on the cautions of certain meds, I thought this was a good time to share a “book review” with you. Here is a picture of the “legal drug dealer” Kay Carlson, who we “just happened” to meet here […]