If it says “organic” or “all natural,” should you buy it?

Here is a great blog post  in regards to natural nutrition. Robyn Openshaw from Greensmoothiegirl.com blogged on the topic of Organic vs. Natural foods, and she does a great job, so I wanted to share it with you. I’d also  like to add  1 tip in regards to her blog…so be sure you read to the bottom, after her article, and you […]

Pain-Alcoholism-ADHD-Stress & Brain chemicals.

The study of the brain and the neurochemicals it produces has my full attention right now. Since my shoulder injury, the experience of  “pain” and how to manage it has come up. If you are wondering why I mentioned alcoholism and adhd in the same breath, it is because all of these health challenges are […]

Soil Health & Organic Gardening.

This short video gives a brief description on the relationship between the health of the soil,  the health of the plants grown in mineral rich soil, and in turn…how this affects OUR Health too. Organic gardening, cover crops, and “one clear sign of a healthy soil”… listen in, towards the end of the video, where […]

Shoulder pain and injury alert.

It appears that shoulder pain and injuries are on the rise,   particularly for women over the age of 40. This is a new area of discovery for me, as I have recently injured my shoulder, and not thinking there was  much to worry about. When I mentioned my injured shoulder to other women friends of mine, I […]

Iridology Picture of the Eyes….See the differance?

Iridology is an amazing Science that uses the iris of the eye to show us what is happening within our bodies, and how we can support it by partnering with Mother Nature and nourishing ourselves to wholeness and wellness. This is the most recent picture of my eye, and my intention is to show you […]