This will help your stomach, joints, liver, and Mother Earth too!

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Below is a short video on……THE BENEFITS OF DANDELIONS!!   Watch and learn – how GOOD FOR YOU, this natural growing herb is,  for YOUR HEALTH, and how you can help save Mother Earth, and the bees, at the same time…… After you watch the video, scroll down,  because there’s more to know about this […]

Is Agave a superfood or a Poison?

I love it when “synchronicity” deals out a wild card. I received this email in “my inbox” this morning, and it addresses the recent “health news” about Agave and how Dr. Mercola compared it to High Fructose Corn Syrup. I have copied “Greensmoothiegirl”, Robyn Openshaw’s email here, for you to read, as she addresses this […]

Is there a healthy sugar?

The topic of “sugar” came up this week, and since I had a request to write about it, here it is. When I trained with Dr. Bernard Jensen, he had a list of the 5 worst things for your health, and yes, one of them was SUGAR! Now this can be a very broad subject, […]