Cleaning out the Crap.

Do you have on of those programs on your computer, called CC…Crap Cleaner? Every now and then you have to clean up your computer so it runs faster, and more efficiently, and it’s not slow and “bogged down” with too much “stuff”, also known as “crap”? I was thinking about using this “term” while sharing […]

Answers to Your Health Questions-From Your Home.

I have been hearing from many of you, that you would like a system where you could enter your health challenge symptoms, and receive some suggestions on what health products would help you. Some of you are busy, or live too far away for Iridology consultations, so I have implemented another website page just for […]

Winter colds and Mother Nature

During the winter months our bodies can go through a variety of symptoms.  Colds, flu’s and fever’s are a common experience.  The TV commercials suggest an array of products which can suppress any symptom we may be feeling, and claims to” keep us going” regardless of how we feel. The very best thing we can […]

A33 Error Code on Insulin Pump

If you want to get your heart racing, and you are a Type I Diabetic on an insulin pump, this will do it.   Last night my son, who is a Type I Diabetic, was changing his injection site, and his pump wouldn’t seem to “reset” properly.  He became very frustrated and when we looked […]