Quote and Health Tip of the Day….

I received this quote to-day, and wanted to share it with you. Here it is: “It is not easy to go against the strong current of an unhealthy society, but it is a necessity”  Author Unknown. Our standards of living and growing food has shifted. Most of our family traditions of raising and growing our […]

Less Pain-More Energy

We have entered a new decade, 2010, and in some ways it is hard to believe.  Time continues to pass along, and our lives are moving along with it.  My intention in writing for you to-day, is to awaken an inner awareness and understanding, that we can feel better to-morrow, than we did in the […]

New Year & Vision Quest

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to establish new visions, intentions and goals.   Without a focus and a plan, results are difficult to obtain.   There is a community I have been participating in, called Conscious Planet. Their vision is to raise the vibration of the planet, through whole […]