3 Simple and Profound Health Tips

3 Simple and Profound Health Tips for …   Balanced Blood Sugars- and this is NOT just for Diabetics.   Did you realize there are just as many people suffering from “low blood sugars”, on a daily basis?  Not the low’s experienced from “insulin induced low’s.   I am referring to the low blood sugar’s  […]

The Bucket List…..Please…

Wow, Have you ever had one of those days,  where you took time to do some “small celebrating”? Hair appt., dessert and coffee, or for the guys… 4-wheelin’ and a beer maybe/??  Celebrating the small stuff is SO FUN!  I had an A.H.A moment to-day, To add to my Bucket List, You know, it’s the….. […]

Protect yourself, and Your Children

If you have been a part of my blog for more than a few months, You will know that I have not written much at all, on the Hyped up subject…H1N1 Vaccine campaign. I think everyone is a bit tired of the subject, but I felt this was worth passing onto you, it’s short, and truthfully, […]

November-Diabetes Awareness

It’s November, Diabetes Awareness month . This is a health challenge I am quite familiar with, as my son is a Type I Diabetic. To-day, I would like explain the basics of this disease, and how keeping a balanced blood sugar is important for all of us. Type I Diabetics are insulin dependant and must […]