Video – Cherries and Your Health

  I went on a field trip to a cherry orchard. I brought my son and a flip camera. So I could share more with you, on Cherries and Your Health. It’s short but sweet… Just like cherries… Have a look…. go to the “more tab” at the top of the page… click […]

Say Good-Bye to Being Tired

And, say good-bye to poor memory, and  lack of motivation! Do you want to feel frisky and energetic again? What I am going to share with you can change your Life! It tastes great, and it’s in season now. I used to be tired. It’s no fun when there’s a party or event you really […]

What is a Spiritualpreneur?

Today, I’m asking you to make a choice.  This 30 Day Challenge has changed my life, and not just my business life.  My personal life too.  If you are looking for some positive results in your life and business, look no further. Whose side are you on? One side says the economy is getting worse […]

Low Blood Sugar-High Blood Sugar.

There is a great deal  of awareness around the health challenges of having high blood sugars.  In the medical community these dis-eases are called diabetes.  Type I and type II  Diabetes are  on the rise, and there is considerable effort being made to educate other’s on this subject. To-day I would like to bring awareness to the health challenges of […]