Stinging Nettle-Energy-Moods-Hot flashes

Stinging nettle, another miracle worker from mother nature.  As the name implies, you may not want to hand pick this herb without gloves and protection, as it does have a “stinging” quality.  This herb is one of those “super herbs” that can re-generate and replenish protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body is craving, and […]

Nutrition and Intention

I was coaching a client, and he took immediate action and began incorporating Hemp hearts into his daily routine. Within two weeks time, he sent me an email that had me laughing, here it is: “Today I had a thought, I would never have expected to come from me…around diet…I was making a fried egg […]

Improve mood, sleep and memory…

I  have heard you want to AMP UP your Energy. You want to get started, NOW. AND, you want it to be easy. Okay, so you are ready, so am I. Let’s get started in Amping Up Your Energy. Step 1- Protein Would you like to have a razor sharp memory? Did you know that […]

Life is your mind Expressed

Whoa, I just read an excerpt from “Happy Pocketful of Money”, stating this powerful statement.  Life is your Mind Expressed.  In other words, Life is your thoughts, expressed.  Dr. Jensen’s statement that thought precedes everything, still stands to-day.  So if we transfer this to feeling fantastic, we need to start “thinking” about “feeling fantastic”!  The longer we chase our […]

Eating seasonally

It is the time of year that brings excitement in the Northern countries like Canada.  Seeds are planted, and fresh raw yummy food is on it’s way.  Eating locally and what’s in season is an easy way to “amp up” your health.  The best part is in the “taste”.  In my local neck of the […]