How do you know if your supplements are actually working?

  This was the Question of the Day from Renegade Health.  Here is my suggestion’s to this question.  Here are 2 option’s in answering this. 1.      The way natural health practitioner’s like Iridologists and Live Blood Analysis do it, and 2.      The way the Western medical community do it. The Medical community will take blood […]

Creating Health…From the Inside-Out!

Did you know, that you can create a whole new body?  Did you know, that you are not “stuck” with those inherited family genes?  You may have inherited genes, and inherited weaknesses in your body, and the good news is, if you “support them”, they won’t break down on you. I like to encourage you […]

Getting to “know your body”!

There are so many modalities of healing, it may be difficult to choose where to start.  In my journey, I came across the Science and Practice of Iridology.  The first book I read was called “Beyond Basic health”, by Dr. Bernard Jensen.  I was a true beginner, and this book “opened my eyes wide” to […]